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Il menu - Picture of Restaurante Il Latini, Florence

ristorante i latini firenze

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Hello, we are Giovanni, Carole and Caterina Latini, and we thought you might like to know something about our background and how our restaurant came into being. In Angelo Latini started up a fiaschettiera in Via della Vigna Nuova, selling wine of course, but also local cheeses and cold cuts. By the s his nephew Narcisio Latini had managed to change the local business into a tavola calda and his wife Maria made steaming dishes of ribollita and pappa al pomodoro to be sold alongside the cold cuts, cheeses and freshly made panini. In the ever-growing business transferred to the old stables of Palazzo Rucellai , Famously Narcisio served plates of hot food to both Florentine residents and the mud-angels during the flood of , despite the fact that his own premises were overflowing with mud and debris. And so time passed. The business grew and so did the Latini family!

My friends and I went to Da il Latini based on the consistently good reviews on tripadvisor, as well as the fact that that restaurant earned a Travelers' Choice award. The meal starts off well enough with an affable waiter who explains to you that the meal is served family style. This means that your entire table shares the same antipasti, prima pasta, and main meat course. There's nothing wrong with that, provided the food is good; however, it wasn't. The antipasti is the best course of the meal, featuring cantaloupe and prosciutto, liver on crostini, and a farro salad. These were fine, though not worthy special mention.

A 50 person crowd waited for Il Latini to open its doors last Wednesday evening. But of all the pasta, pizza, and prosciutto I scarfed down, one meal stands out the most.
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Looking for great food and rustic charm in Florence? Places with a bit of history, that serve genuine Tuscan dishes. Perfect spots for a dinner with family and friends. I Latini celebrates their years of Tuscan cooking in ! The restaurant has 4 dining rooms, all with hams hanging from the ceilings. Situated in a building from 12th century, elegantly rustic interiors and a cosy space outside.

The waiter is THE MENU - Restaurante Il Latini

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The possibilities seem endless in a city like Florence; from true Sicilian recipes that delight the palate and bring the sea to land to deep red Bistecca Fiorentina, Florence offers any lover of Italian food as many options as you can imagine. We have traveled across Italy for over forty years. Some of our old favorites in the city have gone, and many new exceptional restaurants and trattorias have opened. Chef Carmello Pennachietti brought with him his great success including Michelin stars from Sicily to Florence. His preparations, especially the fresh sea food, invoke views of the Ionian coast, of verdant hillsides and of the unique Sicilian culture. His incredible recipes astound with their bursts of flavor, their savory after-bite and their luscious freshness.

A brilliant night out, dining with strangers who - in the course of the evening and with the assistance of some Chianti - became good friends. Our waiter made the experience an easy exploration of Tuscan food in this busy, bustling trattoria. It has a reputation for a great Florentine steak although I had roast rabbit and artichokes. A must if you enjoy having fun and eating great food. What can you say about a restaurant that has two seatings a night and before each one a crowd gathers at the door to get their seats? We had "reservations made by our hotel but I strongly doubt that those were confirmed as we made our way though tha throng to enter.

The opposite of the tourist-hunting restaurants at Piazza dela republica, here the menu exists only per request, and it feels like you are one of the locals when you eat. There really is a queue at the door and you need to reserve in advance.,


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  1. The waiter is THE MENU - Review of Restaurante Il Latini, Florence, Italy - TripAdvisor

  2. Ristorante Il latini a Firenze, luogo dove intrecciare grandi amicizie e culture for our restaurant, where each year the Friends of “Latini prize” ceremony is held.

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