American dragon jake long season 3

American Dragon: Jake Long

american dragon jake long season 3

American Dragon Jake Long S02E18 The Love Cruise

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Sign in. They want the American Dragon. Jake has a secret weapon but so do they! How can he defeat them at night and when he is too weak to blow fire? When Jake discovers a magical "game controller" device that he can use for his own life, he starts altering certain recent events in order to change the outcomes in his favor.

After the battle that occurred during the Dragon's gathering yesterday Jake thought his life would maybe, finally get a little better. Of course it didn't. They were only staying in Hong Kong for a few more days and Jake was determined to spend as much time as possible with Rose. He couldn't bear to be separated from her again. He lived in New York City. A relationship like that would end horribly and he knew that. Not that he realized this at first.

This fic is going to be a potential Season Three for the series, seeing as we're not going to get a real one. There will probably be around 20 or so chapters, each will be one episode. I'll be trying my best to stay with the flow and keep it at a TVG rating, although I'm quite certain that some of the chapters would probably get a TVPG rating, such as this first chapter. Disney and Jeff Goode do. I don't own anything!

It also airs on Disney Channel in Australia. The series was scheduled to have a third and fourth season at one point even a live-action film , but Disney Channel decided to end its run with only two seasons. The fictional character was inspired by Victor Tiba who fought in the Vietnam War. The story set in New York City borough of Manhattan. He lives with his parents, Jonathan and Susan , as well as his seven-year-old sister, Haley. His grandfather and sister are also dragons, the dragon powers having skipped his mother's generation. His Caucasian father is unaware of his family actually being part-dragon.

Jake Long is a skateboarding teenager who secretly is a fire-breathing dragon and the magical protector from New York City. He uses his duties as a dragon to help defend the underground magical world of New York City, while continuing his training. The Walt Disney Company ordered an initial twenty-one 30 minute episodes for the first season, all of which have been made. It had been announced that Steve Loter , who had served as director of Disney Channel's Kim Possible , would be joining the show for its second season as director and executive producer alongside the current executive producers Matt Negrete and Eddie Guzelian. However, following Disney's renewal of Kim Possible for a fourth season, Loter would resume his role as director of that series, but still serve as an executive producer of Jake Long. Nick Filippi, who had also done some directorial work on Kim Possible, will be the new director of Jake Long. With Steve Loter joining the staff, the show had all of its characters and backgrounds re-designed with new animation.

It premiered January 21, and the series finale aired on September 1, American Dragon: Jake Long tells the story of year-old Jake Long Dante Basco who must balance ordinary adolescent transformation with the amazing power and ability to change into the form of a dragon who has to overcome obstacles to protect the magical creatures living in the city. When Jake gets shapeshifting abilities for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of a parent-teacher conference and impress his peers. While Grandpa takes Haley trick or treating, Jake seizes the opportunity to throw the wildest Halloween party ever mixing humans and magical creatures. Keoni Jameson is going away for the weekend, so Lilo uses a shape-shifting experiment to transform into him, and win the island's skateboarding competition's grand prize. At the same time, Jake, Gramps and Fu Dog visit the island to check out reports that magical creatures actually Jumba's experiments are running rampant.



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