Scuola media europa faenza

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scuola media europa faenza

Niccolo Bosi Faenza added a new photo at Scuola Media Europa.

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Methodologically, the project encompasses both academic research that will be conducted in a plurality of different archives- and the development of a multi-disciplinary dialogue opened to the public, and the civil society. Scientifically, research groups will coordinate their work through a web platform and regular meetings; PhD students and professionals most of them unaware of the opportunities granted by the Jean Monnet programme will be invited to participate in order to enrich the dialogue with original ideas and insight. Different perspectives will integrate in open seminars, meetings, conferences and the research output will be an invaluable source for the teaching courses of European integration history taught by the members involved in this project. Summary: The study of the European integration process in schools is mostly underestimated, when not totally absent. The main aims of this project are to raise awareness of European citizenship among young generations and to improve also the ability of school teachers to explain the EU. These goals will be reached through a series of meetings in schools and a training course addressed to teachers.

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Route from Faenza to Pisa

Students examine the superconducting materials employed in magnetic levitation trains. Most of them are critical raw materials. Students examine the critical raw materials in rechargeable batteries.

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E fra tutti, promuove e sviluppa integrazione e cittadinanza europea. Today we are going to talk about the midterm.


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