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US officially accuses Russia of hacking DNC and interfering with election

hacker russi elezioni usa

The Russian government interfered in the U.S. presidential election with the goal of . Around the same time as Russia's attempt to hack the elections the Obama administration received a report suggesting that that the Kremlin was .

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These conclusions had previously been reported, based accounts anonymous intelligence officials gave to various news outlets. The January 6 intelligence assessment was the first time the Office of the Director of National Intelligence had detailed them officially in public. President Barack Obama vowed that the U. Putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because I spoke to him directly about it. He also expelled 35 Russian officials in the U.

Washington CNN President Barack Obama has vowed the US will retaliate against Russia "at a time and place of our own choosing" for Moscow's hacking attempts to influence the country's elections. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Trump team disptues Russian hacking intel Story highlights Obama vows US will retaliate against Russia "at a time and place of our own choosing" for hacking President-elect Trump rejects out of hand any suggestions of Russian influence in the US election Mitch McConnell, the top Senate Republican, calls for an investigation into alleged interference.

Two American senators critical of the Kremlin said that Russia had denied them visas to visit as part of a congressional delegation. Western intelligence officials say Chinese agents are contacting thousands of foreign citizens using LinkedIn, including former government officials. The Judiciary Committee also asked a court to expedite a ruling on whether Donald F. An indictment of a top former F. Two congressional committees have asked Deutsche Bank and Capital One for Trump family financial records.

Did Putin Direct Russian Hacking? And Other Big Questions

Hacker russi contro Hillary Clinton: Obama e deciso a rispondere

US charges 12 Russian hackers tied to DNC cyberattacks

The accusation marked a new escalation of tensions with Russia and came shortly after the US secretary of state, John Kerry, called for Russia to be investigated for war crimes in Syria. He said Moscow reiterated an offer to US officials, first made last year, to hold talks on fighting cybercrime together. The White House declined to say whether the formal attribution would trigger sanctions against Russia. The US agencies said that some US states had detected attempts to breach their election systems, and that most of those attempts originated from servers operated by a Russian company. But they urged states across the country to seek additional cybersecurity aid from the DHS.

Please refresh the page and retry. Intelligence officials say they have a "high level of confidence" that the Russian president took charge of how material stolen from the Democrats would be leaked. The officials said they have compelling evidence that Mr Putin was involved, and that the operation could not have gone forward without authorisation from the most senior leaders within the Kremlin. One official said Mr Putin was motivated both by a "vendetta" against Mrs Clinton, and also hoped to undermine faith in the US political system among America's partners. CIA officials had previously said their assessment was that Russia intervened in the election in order to help Donald Trump.

Did Moscow influence the U.S. election? Didn't we already know about Russia hacking the Democratic National Committee and others?.
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