Le api ei fiori

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le api ei fiori

Translations in context of "Le api e i fiori" in Italian-English from Reverso Context: Le api e i fiori i bambini.

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The inspiration for this installation is the biology of honey bees. Today this is an environment that is getting more and more compromised by the invasive imprint of human societies. One effect is that the continued existence of honey bees is seriously in jeopardy and with it the delicate ecological equilibrium that they have co-originated with pollination processes of angiosperms. Since around a thirty of years honey bees seriously risk to extinguish, and with them the fitness of the reproduction system of flowering plants. We decided to narrate this story in its bio-cybernetic character, with honey bees being the starting point to call the spectators to a collective participative process.

Cologne, Italy. Nel mio apiario di Cologne, sotto al Monte Orfano: api e farfalle su erba medica. Diga Frera Lago Belviso. Gubbio, Italy. Ha qualcosa di magico, eh?

Infomazioni supplementari. Il diaframma e i muscoli masseteri sono parte dei muscoli scheletrici. Se nella denominazione specifica si menziona una delle due specie, la parte di carne della specie animale menzionata deve eccedere il 50 per cento in massa della carne trasformata presente nel prodotto. Per i prodotti a base di carne destinati a essere offerti al consumatore in self-service va applicata tale indicazione scritta. II 1, , all. II 2 all.

When an arrest warrant against him was issued suspecting him of having partaken in the Bologna massacre in Italy in , Adinolfi fled to France, where he is still involved in several extra-parliamentary far-right associations, most notable the fascist Lansquenets group, and the far-right think tank EurHope 1. After the Bologna massacre in Italy in , an arrest warrant was out against Adinolfi, who fled to France, but returned to Italy in , where he would live for almost 20 years in the underground. Up from he published the magazine Terza Posizione. What else Adinolfi was involved in throughout the s remains still obscure. In March the arrest warrant against Adinolfi was finally dropped or lapsed. Meanwhile, he started to write articles for Rinascita e Contropotere. During a summer university seminar in in Lombardy the magazine Orion was conceptualised, and an editorial office was set up.

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Plant echinacea to attract bees. Echinacea Also known as coneflower, you might be more familiar with echinacea as a health supplement. Turns out, that supplement is made from this plant that sports gorgeous pink blossoms. More on how to grow echinacea here. Cranesbill Geranium This is not the neon-bright geranium your grandma used to grow.



Translations in context of "api e i fiori" in Italian-English from Reverso Context: Le api e i fiori i bambini.
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