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Backing track of Mina, E penso a te download free

e penso a te mina

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He moved with the family to Rome in In , with a Roman garage band called Campioni, he formed his first musical experience. In spring he set off for Milan, Italy's center of records and publishing, where he know Christine Leroux a French talent scout. In autumn Christine brought him in contact with Mogol, one of best Italian lyricists, and soon a fruitful partnership developed. The same year, he records his first single as singer entitled "Per una lira". In , as composer, Battisti had great success with "29 Settembre" - Equipe 84 and as singer he records his second single entitled "Luisa Rossi".

Initially sung by Bruno Lauzi , it was subsequently re-recorded by numerous other artists. The most popular version remains the one which its author gave in The lyrics recount the nostalgic thoughts of a man who is in love with a somewhat distant woman. The song does not say who she is: she may be a former lover or wife, with whom the protagonist broke up, or maybe just a casually encountered woman he immediately fell in love with. The protagonist, in any case, can't help but think of her constantly: the first and third stanza describe the actions of his daily life, each one followed by " During the day, the protagonist is at work, then comes home, and has a date with his current girlfriend, but keeps on thinking to his real love and fails to appear funny and involved; he finally goes to bed but can't sleep for the same reason. In the second stanza, he asks himself what she might be doing in this moment and bets she is searching for him too; but he has no true hope, because "the city is too big for two who, like us, are looking for each other".

E Penso A Te - Mina - reiwheat. Inserisci l'indirizzo e-mail fornito in fase di registrazione e richiedi il reset della password. In caso di problemi scrivi a platform rockol. Ci occorre da parte tua l'accettazione esplicita dei nostri termini di servizio. Leggi il testo completo di E penso a te di Mina su Rockol.

Inizialmente pubblicato nell'interpretazione di Bruno Lauzi , come Lato B del brano Mary oh Mary,con l'arrangiamento di Gian Piero Reverberi [1] e ripubblicato nel novembre dello stesso anno nell'album Bruno Lauzi. Negli anni successivi fu ripreso da numerosi altri artisti. Il testo racconta del pensiero nostalgico verso una donna non presente, giocando sulla contrapposizione tra un appuntamento con un'altra donna finito senza esito e il pensiero di quel che lei potrebbe star facendo in quel momento. La musica e il testo cantato sottolineano la tristezza del protagonista in presenza della donna con cui cerca di dimenticare il passato il piano iniziale e l'esplosione del sentimento di nostalgia in assenza dell'amata in crescendo. Pubblicato nel come lato B di un 45 giri contenente sull'altra facciata il pezzo Mary oh Mary , venne poi inserito, nello stesso anno, nell'album Bruno Lauzi.

E penso a te (brano musicale)

E penso a te is a song composed in by Lucio Battisti based on the lyrics by Mogol. Initially sung by Bruno Lauzi, it was subsequently.
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  1. The only appearance of Battisti and Mina — two of the greatest pop stars ever in Italy, in their most successful years — singing together; Teatro 10 was an extremely successful Saturday evening TV show but this one was aired on Sunday hosted by Mina.

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