Cross country roller skating

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Infos About Cross Skating

cross country roller skating

It is near cross-country skiing but can be enjoyed all year round and almost on came 'Nordic-Skating' which imitated the movement of skiing on roller sports.

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The topic of this guide is skate cross-country skiing techniques. It includes basic descriptions of each technique, explanations of when they are used and short video demos. Beginner skate skiers learn some basic tips to help them get started. More experienced skiers are reminded of skills they may have missed in their development so far. This website is about ski techniques used by competitive cross-country skiers, not telemark skiers.

Roller skiing is an off- snow equivalent to cross-country skiing. Roller skis have wheels on their ends and are used on a hard surface, to emulate cross-country skiing. First created as a summer training exercise, roller skiing grew into a competitive sport in its own right. Annual championships are held in various locations around the world. In Norway, separate roller ski facilities have been constructed to allow exercise off public roads. In the early s, when cross-country skiing started to evolve to a serious competition sport, the necessity for good summer training grew. All around the world from s to s people experimented with skis on wheels.

Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian from the Telemark District of Norway, is credited with pioneering skiing as a sport in the 19th Century. He developed curved Telemark skis, and bindings, and his name has become synonymous with the 'Telemark Turn' and ski racing. Modern Nordic skiing comprises several disciplines, all of which are very popular today; cross-country track skiing, ski skating, ski touring, telemark skiing, biathlon ski and shooting and now roller skiing. Although most of the principles of cross-country skiing are the same as those applied to the downhill, or Alpine, sport for example turning, stopping, balancing, weight distribution and transfer the significant difference between the two disciplines lies in the design, shape and function of the skis. For cross-country skiing light, narrow skis are used in prepared tracks. They are fitted with 'free-heel' bindings that allow the skier to travel up as well as downhill. Two techniques are employed; the traditional 'classic' technique, which entails skiing in cut tracks, and the 'skating' technique which is a similar technique to that used for roller skating and roller blading, but is utilised on pressed snow adjacent to the 'classic tracks'.

If you cross country ski race it's a solid bet that you train for Marwe Skate XC Rollerskis Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate Rollerskis.
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During these times getting your hands on wheels and spare parts for roller skis was very difficult. This lead to the companies decision to develop and produce their own roller ski. The Marwe roller ski brand was born. Circa pairs of these skis were sold during the first season of This factory was owned by famous Finnish rally driver Simo Lampinen, whose grandfather Emil Lampinen, started off in Porvoo with a ski factory for Karhu, and the Lampinen ski factory begun producing skis in When the Lampinen factory was closed down, Marwe moved over to Peltonen frames in The first model of the renowned Skating roller skis was produced in

Already in the 90's some equipment provided the conditions for cross-skating elsewhere than on hard paths. But cross-skating did not win recognition until Cross-skating is a mixture of cross-country skiing and skating, but it can be practiced almost throughout the year and on almost every surface. So it is much more flexible than cross-country skiing. Cross-skating is carried out with cross-skates also off-road skates and poles, mostly off road or on paths through the woods, but can also be done on streets.

Info About Nordic Skating

The nordic cross-skating technique. The running technique with nordic cross skates is - as you might suspect — the skating technique similar to xc-skiing and roller skiing.


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  1. In the strictest sense, roller skiing in the skating style falls under the category of training benefits of Nordic skating are similar to those of cross-country skiing.

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