Top selection lavazza 100 arabica

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top selection lavazza 100 arabica

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Coffee prepared the Italian way. We've partnered with the masters to bring the taste of real Italian coffee to our customers. Once a coffee machine is set up with one of the blends in our Lavazza range, our team of experts will ensure a consistent level of quality so that each cup of coffee takes you on a holiday to Italy. A blend with velvety cream and persistent aroma of honey. A consistent crema and a strong and decisive character.

A great coffee is your best ally: Lavazza Business, the quality of the bar where you want it. The coffee grows in the upper highlands of the area m where the winters are dry and cold. It is dried in the sun on the characteristic local "patios". MENU Business. What are you looking for? Coffee Machines. Lavazza World.

A great coffee is your best ally: Lavazza Business, the quality of the bar where you want it.
sciroppo per pulire i polmoni

Great coffee is your best ally: Lavazza for Business, high quality coffee where you want it. A well-rounded medium roast blend, with fine acidity, notes of cereals and a persistent dried fruit aftertaste. A medium roast blend with a velvety foam and a lasting aroma. With hints of honey and almonds. A full-bodied espresso with a hint of citrus and grain.

Roasting: medium. Highly balanced and intense flavour lingers for long. This whole bean blend requires high professionalism in preparation, therefore favoured by many high-end restaurants and hotel bars. The bean blend is unpretentious when making coffee, therefore both because of its taste and versatility in preparation of coffee, this blend has earned the title of the golden mean. Contains selected high-quality bean blend of the best Brazilian and Central American plantations.


Lavazza Aroma Top, 1 kg

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