Www it woah com coca cola

www it woah com coca cola codice

www it woah com coca cola

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Begin typing to see results. Coca-Cola had always been at the heart of pop culture, from iconic advertising and jingles to envy-inducing appearances on the lips of Marilyn and Elvis. But for a new generation of digital natives, Coca-Cola was just a drink. We began with naming. The dynamic visual identity templates were born from the angles of the WOAH brand marque and adaptable across the system, with bright colours and a visual freedom that keep the communications fresh. Our challenge was to reconnect with a new generation of digital natives.

We only share original APK files. On this page we provide WOAH 3. This is a free app listed in Lifestyle category of apps. Use the download button on the top to download this apk. Google Home. Samsung Pay.

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After earning a medical degree, John Stith Pemberton served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and it was his life-threatening wound that sparked his quest in creating Coke. Pemberton had become addicted to morphine, and sought a way to combat this addiction. In , Pemberton began marketing a beverage called "Pemberton's French Wine Coca," a mix of coca, kola nut, and damiana a flowering shrub that has anti-anxiety and aphrodisiac qualities. Pemberton was forced to take the alcohol out of his original coke wine formula due to prohibition laws, but he first touted that version as "a most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs. In , Coca-Cola became available in bottles as well as soda fountains, which means that there was a shift in consumer demographics. Explains The Atlantic , "minorities who couldn't get into the segregated soda fountains suddenly had access to it. By , [then-manager of Coca-Cola Asa Griggs] Candler had bowed to white fears and a wave of anti-narcotics legislation , removing the cocaine and adding more sugar and caffeine.

WOAH: A game-changing app by Coca-Cola

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Live streaming of events and the opportunity to access exclusive experience, interactive elements and thematic headings of articles, photos and videos Whether centennials aged 13 and 19 years or millennials years , young people are hungry for digital content and they never separate from their phones. Teenagers appreciate what is free or cheap. They are skilled in research offers and to seize opportunities for savings, so that they do not disdain the second hand purchases. Their ideal shopping experience is a mix of entertainment and information from social seasoned. Based on this picture, WOAH takes life.



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