Metal cover of popular songs

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The 55 Best Metal Covers of Classic Rock Hits

metal cover of popular songs

The cover song: its something that appeals to musicians at any level list is to highlight the very best covers of classic rock hits by heavy metal.

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Are you a metal fan? If yes, then you are at the right place. These are my top 10 metal covers of popular songs. You can check them out by clicking on the link provided. Originally sung by the pop great Michael Jackson, this song is mostly similar to the original song and this is what makes it more so special. Not the total headbanging craziness in this but still a must listen track and worth your time if you are an MJ fan.

Bloodywood is an Indian metal band from New Delhi , formed in They began as a parody band that uploaded metal covers of pop songs on YouTube , but later went on to write their own original material. Prior to forming the band, Karan Katiyar would regularly upload parody metal covers of popular Bollywood songs on YouTube, but he had trouble finding a suitable vocalist. Katiyar met Jayant Bhadula, who worked as talent manager at an entertainment company, at a local gig, and was impressed by his vocal range and versatility. In , Katiyar quit his job as a corporate lawyer and together with Bhadula formed a two-piece band [1] with the intention of "destroying pop songs".

A perfect way to lose yourself in the moshpit! Sacred Reich's version is way faster and it kicks ass as much as the original! A cult song from the 80s! That chord progression is lifechaning! They did an excellent job and yeah, these vocals are more than awesome! Nuclear Assault left their stamp on this tune, but their cover does not vary a lot from the original. Underground thrash metal band Xentrix paid respect to one of the most popular movies of the 80s by covering their theme song.

Posted by James Alvarez on September 28, at pm. When it comes to music, metal is our lifeblood. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds our noisy little galaxy together. Of course, like the ol' cake for breakfast adage goes, too much of anything starts to get old at some point. That's where, normal aka "pop" [derived from the ancient Greek phrase: popular] music comes in.

Top 40 Pop/Rock songs covered by metal bands


10 Metal Bands Covering Pop Songs

The cover song: its something that appeals to musicians at any level and at any point in their career. For so many musicians, playing another band's material is where it starts, finding the inspiration to pick up an instrument in the first place. Throughout the decades, it's also helped launch careers, especially in the pre-Internet days where a cover song was the entry point for new bands to gain radio exposure. Whether there's explicit intent behind covering a song or it's just for the absolute fun of it, it serves a lot of purposes. Some versions are straight-up, nearly note-for-note duplicates of the originals, while others take wild turns and are almost unrecognizable as the same song.

John Doran suggests 10 others from the world of metal. Despite the album being full of songs about Satanism, drugs, serial murder and sex, These Boots, a cover version of the Nancy Sinatra hit with a fairly explicit lyrical 'reinterpretation' would go on to become its most controversial moment. Some 10 years after it was first released, the song's author Lee Hazlewood called the obviously parodic cover "vile and offensive", and demanded that the song be removed from all future copies of the album.


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