Jackie chan vs chuck norris

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Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris vs Jackie Chan ?

jackie chan vs chuck norris

Norris was a real fighter in both point tournament and kick boxing. Chan was Who would win in a fight: Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris? 1, Views Fatal Four Way: Bruce Lee Vs. Jet Li Vs. Jackie Chan Vs. Chuck Norris.

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Crosshair Don't know if this would fit in here or not. So, who would win? BlaxicanHydra Out of all places to post this. Why here? Crosshair Beats me. I just thought I'd put it here. Some my friends said I should ask, so I did.

According to a report from the Mumbai Mirror , the actor is being lined up to star in a full-blown Hollywood action movie. A source close to the project told the newspaper Shroff has been holding secret meetings with top Hollywood producer Lawrence Kasanoff , whose credits include Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Mortal Kombat. Larry and his team were impressed with Tiger who they felt has an international look, is trained in martial arts, has a large fan following and has age on his side. According to the source, Shroff could be going up against Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris in the unnamed project. With Hollywood studios increasingly eager to release films catering to the global, rather than the US domestic market, Schroff represents the ideal choice. What are your thoughts on Tiger Shroff and his reported new project? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

These actors have appeared in their own action movies and television shows, helping people identify with them. This could help introduce people to the action film genre as well, which has proven to have enduring popularity among many people out there. From there, it translated onto the big screen. He appeared in quite a few different types of action roles throughout his career. He played in prominent films such as Lone Wolf McQuade and Missing in Action, which has established a cult reputation over time.

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Tiger Shroff to Make US Action Movie Debut With Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris


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