Giardini degli aranci roma

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The Giardino degli Aranci

giardini degli aranci roma

Giardino degli aranci - Roma

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It is certainly one of the most magic places I have encountered in Rome. It was a very windy day in the early days of the new year when me and a friend decided to climb up the Aventino to explore this gem. From the main entrance it is just few steps to the central walk of the garden, a yellow grit path with ordered orange trees to the sides, ending up at the breathtaking terrace. It was so windy that we could not keep our eyelids open for long, meanwhile the clouds were moving so fast that the look of Rome was changing at each glance. It reminded me of the game of time, that covers and uncovers history and stories of humans, that has played with this eternal city and has layedered it with kings, slaves, emperors, popes, richness and decay.

It is about 7, square meters and is located on the Aventine Hill. The park offers an excellent view of the city. The garden, as it is today, was designed in by Raffaele De Vico. The garden, whose name comes from the many bitter orange trees growing there, extends over the area of an ancient fortress built near the basilica of Santa Sabina by the Savelli family between and , which, in turn, was built over an old castle constructed by the Crescentii in the tenth century. The garden is bordered by a wall that once surrounded the Savelli castle and other remains of the castle can also be still seen.

Image by Livia Hengel. Rome has no shortage of green spaces with beautiful vistas but my favorite park has to be the Giardino degli Aranci the orange garden , also known as Parco Savello. Located just a short walk up from Circo Massimo on the idyllic Aventine Hill, this oasis of peace and beauty has one of the most incredible views of the city, prominently featuring St. It is a perfect place to visit at any time of the day but it is particularly evocative and romantic at sunset, when the sky slowly changes colors and the city slowly becomes illuminated, one cupola at a time. I love to bring a bottle of wine and some snacks and have an impromptu aperitivo perched on the ledge of the terrace overlooking the river, or in the grass sitting under the eponymous orange trees. Nearby there is also the famous keyhole of the Knights of Malta that has a perfectly framed view of St.

I personally love this coin of Rome and I go there every time I need a peaceful rest. There are many things that make this corner of Rome something truly unique and appreciated by not many tourists who know it and visit it every day. All located in an area not far from the famous Circus Maximus and the Baths of Caracalla. Parco Savello, better known as Giardino degli Aranci , is a small terrace on the Aventine hill one of the seven roman hills overlooking the Tiber. From this corner, one of the most loved and visited in the city, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Rome, where the Tiber is finally present in the landscape. The current garden was built in by Raffaele de Vico , after the construction of the area that the Dominican fathers of the nearby church they kept as a vegetable garden, so as to offer free access to the view from that side of the hill, joining it with the one then occupied by the Lazzaretto Comunale, corresponding to part of the current Garden of S.

Giardino degli Aranci and Buco di Roma: capturing Rome at a glance

Giardino degli aranci - parco savello ( roma )

Orange Garden, Rome

Parco Savello - Giardino degli Aranci aggiungi ai preferiti. Ultimi aggiornamenti di Giardini, ville e parchi urbani. Villa Lazzaroni aggiornato: 27 agosto Parco di Villa Gordiani aggiornato: 27 agosto Parco Talenti aggiornato: 26 agosto


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  1. The Orange Trees Garden (Italian: Giardino degli aranci) is the name used in Rome to describe the Savello park (Parco Savello). It is about 7, square meters.

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