Shrink tube carp rigs

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shrink tube carp rigs

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The use of shrink tube on hooks in carp fishing rigs can be confusing, but Lewis Read is here to guide you through the theory and the practice, the dos and the don'ts of kickers and aligners The constantly changing fashions surrounding terminal tackle set-ups, allied with the huge variety of components and materials available, can sometimes muddy our understanding of how rigs work and. The problem with this, however, is that anglers sometimes end up using certain arrangements without really understanding why they are doing so, and without really understanding the true mechanical benefits, and perhaps shortfalls, of the set-up they are creating. The mechanical benefits of these simple and bulletproof rig tweaks is beyond doubt, yet many anglers use them without really knowing which one is best for which type of hook, bait or fishing scenario. In the simplest terms, adding a length of shrink tubing to extend the shank of a hook moves the fulcrum axis of turning further away from the hookpoint. You can think of this in terms of pushing the weight of the hook further forward, but the actual mechanics are a little more complex than that and, more importantly, can be tweaked and adjusted to offer an incredible improvement in terms of hookholds over the standard yet effective knotless-knot arrangement. Even though this is a tiny detail, the alignment of the hookpoint with the exit point of the hooklink makes a tremendous difference.

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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Morning guys virtually everyone I know uses shrink tube on their hair rigs so going to try using it myself. I've been told to just put it in the steam coming out of a hot kettle to shrink it but wont this steam harm the line?. Don't know whether to go this way or just get some line aligners. As far as I know steam wont effect the line or the hooklink material, in fact it is useful for straightening certain materials, with the shrink tube be careful not to use to much so that when u steam it down it doesn't close the gape of the hook to much, if you want to create a line aligner i use a slim baiting needle to pierce the tubing and pull the hooklink material through the tubing and then steam it at a slight angle. I have never had a problem with steaming the hook link, once the kettle is boiling properly it will only take a few seconds to fully shrink the tubing down so shouldn't damage the line.

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I see lots of anglers pulling the rig over their finger, which is pointless because the rig will always flip in this situation. As some of you may be aware, I spend a lot of time on the bank with anglers doing tutorials. When it comes to rigs, I have one huge bit of advice: I always tell anglers to go long with the length of their Hairs. I believe for a rig to work effectively, there must be a degree of separation between the hook and the hookbait. If we think about it, lots of anglers extend the shank of short-shank hooks using shrink tubing to improve how quickly the hook flips.

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