Do to me trombone shorty

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do to me trombone shorty

Play now. Mix - TROMBONE SHORTY - Do to me featYouTube. Carson Can't Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield's Non-Stop One-Liners ().

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Support trombone. Here is one of the hottest tunes from the new album. Shorty has been performing it on T. I am not sure if "Do To Me" officially was the first single released from the album, but it was the first one with a featured trombone solo. The melody really highlights how simple this music can be. Yet, because of the melody's syncopation, this tune is also a lesson in rhythm. Here is an instance where the notes are not what is important, and the pulse and rhythmic feeling are what make up the melody.

Troy Andrews born January 2, , also known by the stage name Trombone Shorty , is an American musician, producer, actor and philanthropist from New Orleans , Louisiana. He is best known as a trombone and trumpet player but also plays drums, organ, and tuba. He has worked with some of the biggest names in rock, pop, jazz , funk , and hip hop. Andrews is the younger brother of trumpeter and bandleader James Andrews and the grandson of singer and songwriter Jessie Hill. Troy graduated in from Warren Easton High School. He participated in brass band parades as a child, becoming a bandleader by the age of six.

I know you came here to move Showin' up tonight so the show improve I know you feel so girl when you're feelin' the groove I can show you how it's done. Now hold on, not so fast You got to feel and make the fire last You want to feel it from me, I want to feel it from you I say what you gonna do? What you gonna do to me? What I'm gonna do to you I bet you'll like it What you gonna do to me? What I'm gonna do to you I bet you'll like it.

Discover events in: United States change location. Trombone Shorty's new album opens with a dirge, but if you think the beloved bandleader, singer, songwriter and horn-blower born Troy Andrews came here to mourn, you got it all wrong. Some artists don't work until they put a record out but I never stopped going. Considering Andrews' relentless schedule, it's all the more surprising that this LP began with him in a room, all alone, back in New Orleans. Not because he was too busy, but because he wanted to hit the road and see how the music changed on him. When Andrews came back with a full band, the songs came to life.

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