Power rangers wild force zen aku

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power rangers wild force zen aku

Power Rangers Wild Force - Zen-aku's Past - Episode 15 "The Ancient Warrior"


Sign in. See the list. Locked in a fierce battle with Venomark, the Rangers are bitten by the venomous mutant Saved by the serum, A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters. When a crimelord from the year finds that times are too tough, he goes back in time to

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Zen-Aku is powerful enough to take on all five of the Rangers in close combat without too much difficulty. Though he is a formidable opponent, his greatest strength comes out during full moons. He is apparently incredibly resilient as he lost his horn and was apparently destroyed by the Predazord yet he later managed to return. Zen-Aku appear during the full moon on Death Battle. Series: Power Ranger Wild Force. Add a Comment:.

Initially, Zen-Aku displayed mixed characterstics of an Org and human because of Merrick 's influence while they were merged. After being free from the bug and separated from Merrick, Zen-Aku only wanted to merge with Merrick. It was hinted he did not want to be alone and lonely because he told Merrick he Zen-Aku was "cast aside, discarded, rejected". In addition, Zen-Aku was far more powerful now because his power was no longer divided between himself, Merrick, and Merrick's Wolf, Hammerhead Shark, and Alligator zords and fusing with Merrick again would have only served to weaken Zen-Aku once again. After being resurrected a second time, Zen-Aku has mellowed down and is seeking redemption, no longer interested in forcing Merrick to refuse with him and when Merrick invited Zen-Aku to join him, he referred to Merrick as an "old friend". Not much is known about Zen-Aku's origins, except that his spirit was locked inside a cursed wolf mask. After the defeat of Animus at the hands of Master Org , Merrick decided that his only hope of stopping him was a legend about a cursed mask that could bestow great power upon the wearer.

Zen-Aku is a Wolf Duke Org who had manifested from the Guardian Merrick Baliton , when the latter needed the former's mask to defeat the original Master Org years ago.,






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  1. Zen-Aku is a Wolf Duke Org who had manifested from the Guardian Merrick Baliton, when the This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Wild Force .

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