How to handle a bully

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How to Handle a Bully

how to handle a bully

Adult bullying: The epidemic no one talks about - Kevin Ward - TEDxSantaBarbara


She makes me feel small. And worst of all, she shouts at me in front of my co-workers. It's so undermining and I feel like it's ruining my whole life - not just when I'm at work! Marsha's line manager was a tyrant who seemed to take malicious delight in humiliating some but not all of her staff. She's even done it in front of customers!

Whether you're aware or not, bullying is a common occurrence in the work arena. To explore and dig deeper into this topic, TopResume recently surveyed more than 1, working professionals. The results were very telling. Of the 1, respondents, only four percent said they have never felt bullied in the workplace; that means a whopping 96 percent of respondents have felt bullied at work. And, if you think bullying only comes from those in a position of power, like a manager or a boss, think again.

Unfortunately, some people never outgrow being a jerk and continue this type of harassing behavior well into adulthood. Here are some tips for understanding and dealing with bullies, no matter how old you are. You may not be getting squeezed into your locker by a pack of football players anymore, but adult bullies can still act out in similar fashion. They know how to poke and prod without attracting the attention of their superiors. Even worse, they might be your superior. We spoke with Roger S.

Childhood bullying can have lifelong consequences. Listen to your child's concerns. Then help your child stop bullying in its tracks. Bullying was once considered a childhood rite of passage. Today, however, bullying is recognized as a serious problem.

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While different tactics work for different people, the first thing you should do is try to work it out yourself. The more empowered you are, and the more you can help yourself, the better chance you have to stop the bully. The bully wants you to react. Their goal is to take away your power, make you sad and scared. And if you show them you are not sad and scared, they will often lose interest and they cannot take away your power. Remember they want to upset you constantly so you get angry. Remember that bullies are human - they eat, sleep and live just like you do.

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