Classic cars under 10000

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The Most Popular Classic Cars for Under $10,000

classic cars under 10000

After an affordable retro ride? Here's our expert advice on how best to invest in a classic car.

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Owning a classic car is infamously expensive. True to its name in every respect, the Midget was a diminutive sports car that could just about seat two. Poky but plucky, the Midget remains an excellent starter classic by dint of its simple mechanics and good parts availability. This 1. Bigger than the Midget, this drop-top B is a wonderful example of the straightforward British two-seater. Simple, stylish and great fun to drive, this bonny Bronze Yellow 1.

So we thought we'd try and answer it by putting together a list of cars that are still fairly young, but which have great potential. These are the cars you should be considering in These cars all have a growing cult following, but are still counted as secondhand cars as they're relatively young and are still on their depreciation curve. And that means now is a great time to buy a good one, hold on to it for a few years - keeping on top of maintenance while not piling on too many miles. Not only will you have a lot of fun, you should also get a great return on your investment. Read more. The Mercedes-Benz W was - for many - a reliability and build-quality high point for its maker.

Classic cars are big business these days. Certain models have skyrocketed in price over the past few years to the point that you now need pretty deep pockets if you'd like one parked in your driveway. Some just become rusty old junkers that'll never be worth more than the value of the gas in their tanks. Guessing which ones aren't destined for this fate requires a fair amount of knowledge and analysis of how similar models have done in the past. Not everyone is interested in going to all the trouble, but the lure of an affordable classic, especially one that may appreciate in value over time, is a tempting prospect.

Any way you look at them, cars are expensive. Old cars are beautiful and fun to drive, sure. But with stories of record-setting sales coming out seemingly every month, can the average hobbyist ever hope to afford something cool to take to their local cruise nights? The answer, of course, is yes. Sold at a time when Volkswagen was all but an afterthought in the U. Sound too good to be true? Well, say hello to the first-generation Toyota MR2.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Yes, really. Always choose an open one over a closed example and avoid later cars with horrible rubber bumpers. Go-kart steering, deafening engine and roller-skate handling only add to the enjoyment. Performance and handling are both strengths, but the bodies are inclined to rot, so buy with great care. Many cars look better than they actually are Fiat Not the cutesy hatchback now cluttering the streets of London, but the little jewel of a car that inspired it.

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