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Muse’s ‘Hysteria’ voted best bassline of all time

muse hysteria bass cover

Muse - Hysteria (bass cover) HD

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When classical music takes on alternative rock, new dynamics emerge that were not on the forefront of the original interpretation. Muse, the world-renowned alternative rock band who blew away the rock realm in with their Absolution album. The record would go platinum, and feature radio hits like Hysteria , which includes one of the most prolific and sought-after bass lines in modern rock music. The music video for the rock track has been interpreted and reinterpreted many times, but nothing to the tune of the cover version by 2Cellos. From a purely instrumental perspective, the cover is fascinating. Take away the delirious state that the musicians appear to be in during the video, their performance of the complex pieces within Hysteria are incredible.

Described by Matthew Bellamy as: "Hysteria is a kinda fat bassline with a groovy straight beat on it. Its one of the tracks that has quite a heavy groove goin' on straight down the middle. According to Matt and Chris, they wanted to wanted to try out mix electronic stuff on bass: "We did not really change our way of composing, but rather to record the songs" [1]. The song is about wanting something or someone that's out of reach so badly that this frustrates you till no end. It becomes an addiction as Matt said: The song "hysteria" it's just about desire something you can't have and [

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When you visit a website, you are of course observable by the site itself, but you are also observable by third-party trackers that the site embeds in its code. You might be sur Gotta go with Hysteria too. It's not only the many notes and fast changes, it's the sheer stamina required to muscle on through it! You need to be in pretty good bass playing shape to get to the end without your right hand cramping up!

British bands find it hard to just let loose and rock out sometimes. Muse is certainly a long way from the tiny town of Teignmouth in Devon, England, where Chris first met Matt and Dom in their early teens. Wolstenholme had been playing guitar and drums with a different group when they invited him to join their cover band. But then once I started playing bass, I really enjoyed it, and I felt more comfortable than I did on the other instruments. Not a bad call for a teenager! Since then Chris has made a nifty habit of knocking out relentless lines consisting of deftly deployed octaves and chromatic passing tones that are way too much fun to play. I get a much nicer sustain doing that, rather than struggling higher up the fingerboard.

It was also released as a single from that album on 1 December in the United Kingdom , peaking at number 17 in the UK Singles Chart see in British music. The song is also well known for its intricate bass line, which was voted the sixth best bass line of all time on MusicRadar. The artwork for the 7" cover was chosen by competition, and the winner was Adam Falkus. The song was performed regularly during the tour in support of Absolution and remains a staple of the band's live show. It takes the form of a short narrative depicting a man the protagonist awakening inside of a hotel room and, through non-linear chronological elements, discovering that he both stalked and eventually met with a prostitute with whom he was obsessed played by Hayley Caradoc-Hodgkins.

Too Much Is Never Enough: Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme Reinvents Art-Rock Bass For The 21st Century

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Muse - Hysteria [Bass Cover]






Muse - Hysteria (Bass Cover)


Bass tablature for Hysteria by Muse. Rated out of 5 by 40 users.
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