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Ask the Vet

ask a vet online free

Your Vet Online - On Demand Care For Your Animals

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Animals always seem to get sick or hurt themselves at an inconvenient time. There is no need to leave your home or office. Get online and talk with our vets to get answers and treatments you can manage yourself, at home. We also provide a prescription service for those people in Australia. If you need a vet now, our hour veterinary advice is just a click away.

All about feeding for dogs and cats, health and behavior and news about animal welfare. Ask a vet Ask your question Sign up. Ask your question. Sign up. I am a vet. I am a PetLover.

MyPetDoc is your virtual veterinarian, saving you time and potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet and emergency visits. Our licensed veterinarians are here to answer all of your pet questions dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and all other pets.
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At Bob Martin, we know it's difficult sometimes when you have a question about your pets health or using a product, and you don't know where to look for reliable advice. They are not trying to sell you products to earn commission or to make you buy Bob Martin products, they're here just give you honest, simple, impartial advice. If your query is urgent, or you need an answer quickly then we would always advise you to speak to your own vet. Their safety must come first, and sometimes a face-to-face visit is essential. Our Consumer Relations Team are always happy to help you with any queries or if you have experienced issues with using one of our products. We are available Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm excluding Bank Holidays , you can find our details here.

Ask A Vet Questions Online for Free. Pet Exports Available 24/7:

How To Use An Online Vet with Your Vet Online

Take control of your pet's health

There are two options for asking a free vet question. After that there is a small fee. The second option if you aren't in a rush is to ask our veterinary advisor a question by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. No one knows your dog better than you do. If you believe something isn't right, always see a Veterinarian. If you have a question that requires an immediate answer, we suggest you use this Veterinarian question service. There is a small fee for additional or longer questions.







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  1. Ask a vet online for free. Chat live with veterinarians and other pet experts. Find answers to health, behavior, and nutrition questions about dogs and cats.

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