Knight rider trans am

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Knight Rider - Pontiac Trans Am

knight rider trans am

The story of my Pontiac Firebird Trans Am project.

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One man might be enough to make a difference, but one Trans Am certainly wasn't enough to keep Knight Rider a hit TV show between and That's why NBC had to build around twenty. And although we've talked about KITT's curious origins before, the fact that Jay Leno just drove the most original of the five remaining cars calls for further turbo boosting. Look at it this way: a quarter of the fleet has survived. By movie standards, that's not bad at all. The problem is that it wasn't necessarily the jumps that got to the rest.

Is there a more famous American car than the Bandit? Burt Reynolds wouldn't be an American icon if he were driving around in Mr. Bean's Austin Mini, yet put Favourite added temporarily. To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in. Even better, what if they could step in and help out in times of trouble? Its owner, Michael Knight David Hasselhoff simply had to beckon it, and the vehicle would steam to his rescue.

Why There Are Only Five Original Knight Rider KITTs Left

Knight Rider - Homemade KITT Replica

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Welcome to another edition of Hollywood Wednesdays. KITT was a black Pontiac Trans Am that doubled as a high-tech crime fighter and a hot rod sports car that was practically indestructible. Some special features of KITT included its ability to jump over obstacles using turbo boost, drive without a driver and see through a mounted scanner bar. One of its most notable features was its ability to speak. It began to design its models after higher-priced Buicks and Oldsmobiles while still trying to keep up with the production volumes of Chevrolet. The result was a hodgepodge of various model designs, and no one really knew what Pontiac stood for. Plummeting sales eventually caused a reduction in production, and profits were nowhere in sight.

When a decision was made continue the legendary series decades after the original franchise ended, the big question was which form would modern-day KITT take? In a pilot episode of the new Knight Rider series aired to an excited, if doubtful, audience. On the table amongst a series of computers are recognisable components of the Knight Industries Two Thousand. A distinctive red scanner flashes before a car erupts from the garage to evade the armed men, but the shadowy figure was not a Pontiac. It was a Ford! The new show opted to move away from the classic Trans Am, a logical decision for a new-era show, but there was no modern-day alternative to the iconic model. According to reports, executives originally wanted to use the latest Chevrolet Camaro — a car that would have likely become a modern-day Trans Am had Pontiac survived.

There will be three black Trans Ams there with the keys inside. Take them. The man hung up. The cars, literally just minutes old, would be driven out of the factory and into the PMT parking lot, where they would be stored until scheduled for transport by truck or train. Three black Trans Ams rolled out of the plant right on cue. Not a word was spoken.



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  1. KITT is the short name of two fictional characters from the adventure TV series Knight Rider. A Trans-Am body (without hood) is partially covered by a tarp, on which rests the rear spoiler. The famous KITT steering wheel (labelled "Knight Two.

  2. It was , and three Pontiac Trans Ams were needed for a new television show , a light-hearted action-adventure crime drama called Knight.

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