App inventor game ideas

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Mini Golf: Fling, TouchUp, TouchDown Gestures for App Inventor 2

app inventor game ideas

mit app inventor 2 tutorial making a game in 1 hour or less


Today we are going to make a game from scratch inspired by recently popular spike games. We will call it Oh My Spikes. Before we start, you may want to see how the final game will look like. Sorry for the noise and the quality of the video. I am assuming you have some experience using App Inventor.

Jake Karty and Maddie Thomas. Memory Match is a new twist on an old classic game. We have taken the idea of the classic card matching game and put it in the palm of your hand. Additionally, more youth are using technology for gaming and social media, so this takes advantage of this trend as a fun game that young kids will want to play, and help resolve this issue for society. This is important as childhood obesity is on the rise, and educating our youth is vital for their health and making good decisions as they grow up.

George Weiss is 84, and he just may be the eldest mobile application inventor in America. The five words must include a two, three, four, five and six letter word. The premise is simple and addictive. Dabble feels like the kind of old fashioned game you play with your grandparents — even grandparents reluctant to pickup an iPad. We will add more from Weiss when he gets a chance to give us a call. Weiss worked with a large team to make the Dabble app a reality.

Built for the Google Learn to Code competition, the Open the Door app is a simple yet fun game that showcases the skills of 14 year old Abhijeet from India.
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The ball will bounce off of the rectangular obstacle and the sides of the course. For each fling of the ball, the stroke count goes up by one. The total score is the number of strokes it takes to complete the entire course. This tutorial assumes you are familiar with the basics of App Inventor-- using the Component Designer to build a user interface, and using the Blocks Editor to specify the app's behavior. If you are not familiar with the basics, try stepping through some of the basic tutorials before continuing. We'll build this app in stages, adding a little bit of the game at a time. Log into App Inventor and start a new project.



Oh My Spikes – Create a game from scratch using App Inventor

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  1. More Ideas. Note: Be sure to use tutorials for App Inventor 2. QuizMe is a trivia game about baseball, but you can use it as a template to build quizzes on any.

  2. Since our game mainly revolves around being a dress up slot machine game, there will be 3 categories in which the user will have to stop to choose a clothing.

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