Polpo con patate e olive

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Tortino con polpo ,,patate e olive taggiasche - Picture of LaCucina, Mantua

polpo con patate e olive

Insalata tiepida di polpo e patate

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There are many ways to tenderize an octopus, from placing them in mini cement mixers, to beating them against the harbour wall of a small greek fishing village or, as I do, place them in the freezer so that the water in the octopus expands as it freezes and therefore softens the tenderises the octopus. I like my octopus to have a lot of texture. I find it unsatisfying when soft. It has more structure, more bite and a lot more flavor than octopuses, which are smaller. When cooking the octopus add two wine corks to the pot. But it puts the octopus in the right mind frame to turn out perfectly. If you remove the octopus from the water it shrivels and dries out.

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Cucina Conversations – Insalata di Polpo, Patate e Olive Nere. 26 April My kitchen has never had so much rest. I have been cooking since when I was six.
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My kitchen has never had so much rest. I have been cooking since when I was six and I needed to raise my toes to reach the stove. But it happened that in the last few months I have shut the kitchen door to open that of a morning train and start a new job and a commuting life. Every morning I get up at 5. The first week was terrible, getting up at dawn without having breakfast, an hour commuting and no break until After the first two days of junk food: fried mozzarella and a terrible pizza made with all sorts of fats, I have come up with the conclusion to bring with me some leftover food. Fortunately, my husband has taken the bull from his horn and went through the situation.

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Polpo con patate e olive taggiasche - Picture of Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Milan

Polpo con Patate

PIATTONE DI POLPO CON PATATE E OLIVE - Picture of Area 52 Papaya Beach, Riccione





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  1. This classic Italian dish is quite simple and very tasty, but beware: there are some gruesome acts to be committed.

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