Comic con 2017 vikings

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28 Photos from the Vikings San Diego Comic-Con Panel

comic con 2017 vikings

The Vikings panel at San Diego Comic-Con is always a raucous affair, but expect an especially wild time with the HISTORY series this year.

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Then, in the Gaslamp on Friday, there will be a one-day event to honor Ragnar Lothbrok and other fallen characters who have recently risen to Valhalla. The Vikings funeral will begin with a procession throughout the Gaslamp Quarter in the early afternoon from noon to PM. The funeral will conclude with a waterfront ceremony beginning at 7PM featuring a floating foot replica Viking long-ship with pyrotechnic display. Cast will be in attendance. The horns will be given out at the funeral event on Friday at 7PM, and the horns will entitle the wearer to special drink discounts at locations around the Gaslamp. You can follow HistoryVikings for a complete list of participating locations. Fans will get into character by selecting their weapon of choice and garbing themselves in Viking gear.

Fans can enjoy several exciting opportunities including: a cast panel which will showcase exclusive season five footage; there will also be a bona fide Vikings longship set ablaze in the San Diego Bay; a booth on the convention floor; drinking horn giveaways; an exclusive SDCC comic book and an elaborate funeral procession through downtown San Diego. Cast subject to change. The Vikings funeral will begin with a procession throughout the Gaslamp Quarter in the early afternoon from noon — p. The funeral will conclude with a waterfront ceremony beginning at 7 p. Cast will be in attendance. Select bars will offer special drink discounts for horn holders. Please follow HistoryVikings for a complete list of participating locations.

Everyone was clearly still missing Ragnar Travis Fimmel at the San Diego Comic-Con Vikings panel, which is probably why so much of the conversation revolved around honoring his memory and what his two sons would do in the wake of his death. And you know what they say The costume caught the panel's attention early in the discussion, while Alexander Ludwig was answering a question about why Bjorn slept with Lagertha's Katheryn Winnick girlfriend, Astrid. After the animal costume caused a bit of a fuss, everyone seemed to move on. Then, who should be the first fan up to the microphone with a question other than that same kangaroo. He presented the panel with a sword to sign and then requested a hug.

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The funeral will culminate at 7 p. Anyone who attends the latter can pick up their own Viking drinking horn. Follow along by adding EWSnaps on Snapchat. The season 4 finale also introduced a new character, warrior bishop Heahmund, played by new series regular Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Read the full postmortem on the end of last season with Michael Hirst here. What we know about season 5: Plenty!

Not a particularly convincing kangaroo, either. They had some excellent tidbits to share about the pasts and futures of their respective characters and proceeded through the panel without incident. He then pantomimed his way through asking the cast to sign his shield, hopped on stage, hugged Katheryn Winnick, and ripped off his kangaroo mask. Travis Fimmel amped up the crowd as soon as he appeared. His real phone number! Someone in the audience called him, and Katheryn Winnick insisted the bold fan deserved a kiss.

The panel is wildly popular with fans as the cast is prone to mayhem and epic pranks in true Vikings style. This year proved no exception when the cast faced was an unexpected request from a rather fuzzy cosplayer! Check out the entire video below or jump right to the chase with the event itself. Vikings season five premieres Wednesday, November 29 only on History. Need more Vikings?

HYSTERICAL! Travis Fimmel Crashes Vikings Panel in Kangaroo Costume at San Diego Comic Con

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Toggle navigation. Fans of History's "Vikings" and even those who've never watched the series have no problem conjuring up an image in their heads when hearing the words "Viking funeral. Something that can only happen on film, right? When Dave heard about the project - the construction of a replica ship for transport to San Diego's Comic-Con for re-enactment of a Viking funeral - he and his LFP team were stoked about lending a hand. A sail emblazoned with the logo from the "Vikings" show! But, it couldn't be just any old sail, printed on just any kind of material. In order to spare the sail from going up in smoke like the rest of the Viking ship it would need to be printed on flame resistant material.


Break out your drinking horns, Vikings fans, because you're about to be very happy. [UPDATE JULY 6]. HISTORY confirms the return of Vikings.
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