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Got Turbo Star?

max steel turbo star

Got Turbo Star is the 16th episode of Max Steel ( TV Series). This episode aired on September 5, , and chronicled the hunt for the final piece of the.

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This episode aired on September 5, , and chronicled the hunt for the final piece of the Turbo Star. Makino has revived himself, and is continuing his plans of invading and destroying the Earth, so Miles Dredd uses Max Steel to get the third part of the Turbo Star. Jason Naught watches a clip of Max Steel defeating Makino. But when he and Dredd talk about Makino's demise, a video pops up, and it shows Makino, and he tells them that he is not defeated. Meanwhile, Forge Ferrus gives Max and Steel medals for saving the world, after surprising them by launching a party when they came because of a code he sent out that meant trouble, but during their celebration, they receive a message from Dredd telling them about Makino's message and tempting Max to go after the third piece of the Turbo Star.

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Max Steel (Character)

It was aired on November 30 in Australia. Max disobeys his uncle's orders and goes after the Turbo Star.

Max Steel 2013 S02E16 Got Turbo Star

Sign in. See the list. Title: Got Turbo Star? Dredd learns that Makino, living through the power source explosion, approaches with another army. Forge forbids Max to go on the quest, but Steel, having decoded the final component's location and not under Ferrus' forbiddance, convinces Max to 'just follow' him. They find it in a polar base and retrieve it, only to find Forge and later Dredd waiting for him.

It is a re-imagining of its predecessor of the same name , as well as being based on the Mattel action-figure also of the same name. A year-old boy named "Maxwell McGrath" is thrown into a new life when he and his mom moved to a small town called Copper Canyon. There he meets new friends, enemies, and a lot more. But later he started to generate a powerful energy called "T. After Forge reveals that Jim was the former Max Steel, he is about to meet his greatest challenge yet!

Max's new green suit obtained in Turbo-Charged. Max's old blue suit. Suit that Max used while being controlled by Makino. Max Steel is the main protagonist and titular character of the Max Steel. They form a symbiotic bond where Max's T.

The Great Turbo Star Caper is the 24th episode of the Max Steel ( TV Series ). It was aired on November 30 in Australia. Max disobeys his uncle's orders.
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  1. the Turbo Star is a weapon that was created by Jim McGrath and Steel. However, in a showdown, Miles Dread's base was destroyed, and the Turbo Star was rescued by N-Tek, while Commander Forge Ferrus prohibited Max and Steel to use it. Forge Ferrus hates the Turbo Star because it.

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