Philips one blade recensione

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Philips OneBlade Pro Review: QP6520/30

philips one blade recensione

OneBlade Philips: Rade, Regola e Rifinisce


The Philips Norelco OneBlade is truly unlike any other trimmer or electric razor on the market. While not as robust in settings as the equally priced Philips Norelco beard trimmer nor as smooth of a shave as the Braun Series 3 electric shaver, the OneBlade rests squarely somewhere in the middle. The results are consistent and the performance of the OneBlade nearly rivals corded trimmers — it truly is a remarkable device. There are many parts of the OneBlade we could talk about a quick visit to the Philips Norelco site could make your head spin with information. However, to make things simple, we decided to break up this guide into a few sections — first we will cover the nuts and bolts of the OneBlade and factors you might not have considered.

If i must answer the question I would say it is all in one blade. The Philips OneBlade is suitable for men who have beards , mustaches , sideburns , stubble , or other facial hair styles. Many men may be surprised to learn that Philips has designed a special beard trimmer and shaver to suit their purposes. The trimmer looks a lot different than any of the other Philips products. The Philips OneBlade trimmer has a long narrow appearance, and has a black body with bright lime green edges. The head features only one blade. These combs can click on and click off as needed.

The answer… awaits. Nor is it a trimmer, or a detailing tool. Designed to shave, trim and edge facial hair, the OneBlade Pro is perfect for men who alternate between bearded and clean-shaven. A short beard looks best with well-defined edges. It sounds so simple, and in operation, it is, but I found the ability to shave both up and down quite a revelation — regular razors only shave with downward strokes, making it easy to miss hairs or mess up what could have been a perfect edge.

My Review of the Philips OneBlade Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Not quite a beard trimmer, not quite a shaver, the OneBlade is an electric groomer designed for men who wear facial styles and beards. It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair to a precision stubble length using one of the three combs that are included. Or, you can use it without a comb for a closer shave.

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  1. But the OneBlade is not your typical electric razor, so I was very interested in giving it a try.

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