Yugioh low level deck

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yugioh low level deck

Silent Magician Horus Level Deck Profile - January 2018


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I also know that the game has been around long enough to have some crazy-expensive cards pop up. We grew up watching Seto Kaiba flashing his money looking for a Blue Eyes White Dragon in the anime, so it's not exactly surprising. But what are the worst of the worst and the best of the best? What is the most expensive card that you can get on the market? You know how I keep mentioning Seto Kaiba?

A Low Level Deck is one that only involves low level monsters (4 or lower, though level 3 is optimal for this design), and usually focuses on some of the more.
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I haven't seen much support for it, but has anyone tried running a low level deck? Like level 3 and under? Or what about decks that depend on having monsters with the same name out? Chthonian alliance, aqua chorus Trying to make one with Stygian Patrol and Chaos Necromancer. Not perfect, but Ok

Low-level Yugioh monsters are not weak. If used right, they can be deadly monsters. In fact, I created a deck compiled with low-level monsters because I knew how powerful it could be. My friend had a nice deck. Though he had a strong deck, I won! They can be extremely powerful if played right.

Low level monster deck (lvl 3-)

Having many powerful monsters in your Deck is a good thing, but how many is too many? Sometimes, you might have too many monsters in your Deck, or lots of monsters that are hard to Summon, and getting the right balance of Monster Cards in your Deck is one of the first things that many players learn to do.

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My New Deck : Low Level Deck(Beta)




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