Love parade 2017 berlino

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Germany's Fusion Festival may be cancelled due to police dispute

love parade 2017 berlino

The Berlin Love Parade was one of the greatest street parties ever! It brought the city to a sweaty standstill every summer for 14 years, before moving on to other.

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In the aftermath of the acid house and techno booms in the late s and early s, Berlin and Frankfurt have dominated conversations about Germany in the international club culture cannon. A sound system was erected, the police agreed to block the street from cars and a spontaneous open-air ensued. The most mythologized Berlin club had modest beginnings. Bar25 eventually evolved into a multifaceted wonderland that offered a spa, a hostel, a restaurant, a cinema, various dance floors and the longest, most excessive parties one could imagine—but only between May and October. But nobody seemed to care.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. At the criminal negligence trial over the Love Parade disaster, survivors have painted a picture of the trauma and pain surrounding that tragic day. DW's Andrea Grunau reports from Dusseldorf. As the seventh day of the Love Parade trial came to an end, the district court in Duisburg showed videos titled "Chronologie einer Katastrophe - Teil 1 bis 4" "Chronology of a disaster - parts one to four. As the tragedy begins to unfold, they find themselves in mortal danger as they try to flee through a crowded narrow space. They are seen trapped between a high wall, a ramp, a tunnel and a panicking crowd.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Almost eight years after 21 people died and were injured at the "Love Parade" music festival in Duisburg, the incident is finally being reviewed in a court of criminal law. Victims' families are counting on justice. It will likely be one of the largest criminal cases in Germany since the end of the Second World War. On Friday, the first of scheduled days of court testimony will commence. It will be an enormous undertaking.

The row between Kulturkosmos, organizers of the festival, and police is threatening to cancel the festival for the very first time. The owners have started a petition, which had upwards of 56, signatures early on Monday evening. The police have called for a police presence in the centre of the festival, saying that they are dissatisfied with the organizers' security systems and want to ensure the safety of festival attendees. Aside from a centrally-located temporary station, police have sought permission to have plain-clothed officers walk around the five-day festival. The organizers have hit back, arguing that the requests are excessive and that they are being punished for an abstract threat and pointing out that there has been only one incident of violence in the festival's history. They argue that allowing unmarked officers to patrol the festival would be contrary to its ethos of freedom of artistic expression. The festival averages 70, attendees from all across Germany and the world.

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Exploring the Rise and Fall of Berlin's Iconic Love Parade


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Back when it was booming, the Berlin Love Parade grew from an expression of solidarity and freedom after the fall of the Berlin Wall into a giant dance music phenomenon. The Love Parade was the elixir of the early post-Communist era. The sheer size of the parade itself meant it was somewhat loosely organised at best, but once it got going in the mid-afternoon, it was an unstoppable force, crossing the city then melting into a seemingly infinite number of afterparties in clubs, flats and anywhere two people could get together. One of the most common expressions of the parade was the hedonistic clothing, brought on by the youth-loving and tolerant crowd of straight and gay participants. Half the fun was seeing how far people would push it outside of their ordinary daily lives. Of course, one big party creates one big mess, and in some cases, crime - although the Love Parade was always relatively law abiding, despite its size.

The Love Parade German : Loveparade was a popular electronic dance music festival and technoparade that originated in in West Berlin , Germany. Events scheduled for and in Berlin and for in Bochum [2] were cancelled. On 24 July , a crowd crush at the Love Parade caused the death of 21 people, with at least others injured. The parade first occurred in July , when people took to the streets in Berlin. Roeingh dissociated himself from the parade in because of the commercialization of the event.

It was conceived as a political demonstration, with Roeingh using the international language of music as a platform to spread ideas of peace and love. Their message was tied together under the banner of love and with a soundtrack of techno. However, critics of the rave say these philanthropic sentiments remained secondary pursuits, behind the main goal of throwing drug-fueled raves. Whatever its motives, the small but impactful event quickly grew in popularity, reaching its peak in the nineties. The epochal event engulfed West Berlin, in an explosion of sound and colour as jovial participants took to the streets, dressed in their best rave gear, in the name of love. Initially, organisers were able to dodge this cost, as the parade was, in theory, a political demonstration, meaning the state government had to bear the huge bill for both security and mass clean-ups.

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