Abilitazione scientifica nazionale 2017

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Italian Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale.

abilitazione scientifica nazionale 2017

Italian Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale. Antonio Preti. Antonio Preti Published :February 25, DOI:islamaku.com(17)

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In particular I use the Receiver Function methodology to give constraints on the anisotropic features of the crust and of the upper mantle, together with a fine detail on depth and thickness of the layers. This anisotropy reflects the deformations occurred after tectonic activity, and its measurement and interpretation is linked to the actual and paleo tectonic stress field. Rapporti tecnici INGV. Jan , n. Toggle navigation. Information for Most searched-for services

In , he graduated at Liceo Scientifico Statale "N. Emilio Ferrari. Riccardo Manzini, Co-Advisors: Prof. Alberto Regattieri, Dr. Filippo Bindi.

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His research activity is focussed on Machine Learning and, more generally, Artificial Intelligence. He has over 10 years of experience with Machine Learning, covering both foundational aspects of learning and applications mostly Language and Vision. Google Scholar Profile. In particular, in he has been involved in the study and definition of innovative Machine Learning-based technologies for Conversational Systems. During he managed the research activity of the company Research Manager , enriching the technology stack with multi-language Machine Learning-based solutions and improving the already existing Semantic Analysis algorithms. Marco Gori 4 years and Prof. Alessandro Agnetis 1 year.

Scuola superiore sant'anna

Procedure consists of a system of assessment of the scientific qualifications required to gain access to the first and second level of university teaching. Applications may be submitted throughout the year and evaluated by the relevant National Commission with quarterly expiration. All applicants are admitted to process, even those who are not employed at the university, and those who are already Academics and Researchers.


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