Area c gpl 2017

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area c gpl 2017

A Practical Guide to Compliance with the GNU GPL

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GPL was the first copyleft license for general use. Historically, the GPL license family has been one of the most popular software licenses in the free and open-source software domain. David A. Wheeler argues that the copyleft provided by the GPL was crucial to the success of Linux -based systems, giving the programmers who contributed to the kernel the assurance that their work would benefit the whole world and remain free, rather than being exploited by software companies that would not have to give anything back to the community. In , the third version of the license GPLv3 was released to address some perceived problems with the second version GPLv2 that were discovered during its long-time usage. To keep the license up to date, the GPL license includes an optional "any later version" clause, allowing users to choose between the original terms or the terms in new versions as updated by the FSF. Developers can omit it when licensing their software; for instance the Linux kernel is licensed under GPLv2 without the "any later version" clause.

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