Mina e celentano 2017

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Mina Celentano : Le Migliori

mina e celentano 2017

Le migliori is an album by Italian singers Mina and Adriano Celentano, issued on November 11 MinaCelentano - le migliori, il nuovo album di inediti di Mina e Celentano". "Classifiche annuali dei dischi piu venduti e dei singoli piu scaricati nel " (Click on "Scarica allegato" and open the "Classifica annuale

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Italian legend artists Mina and Celentano are respectively 77 and 79 years old. This new collaboration between these ultimate disc sellers is the sequel of Mina Celentano released in , selling an astounding 1,5M copies in Italy. Hard to believe these strong voices are so clear and perfectly placed despite being so aged. Various composers from old and new generation have understood the jazzy, pop and groove influences of Mina and Celentano. Mina and Celentano show insane groove here, singing with more energy than most of the young singers, Adriano Celentano even rapping in one song.

I don't think you're right here because they act as a duo for an entire album two albums, to be exact, if we count the new one which is about to be released in almost a week and not only a song or two. In my opinion, their songs don't belong to only one of them the way you've made Celentano being the main singer and Mina the featuring one because they don't appear in any solo album of theirs, so they should be both united as a separate duo with the songs from the two albums put in here. Sorry, but removing the content from this page is nonsense. The songs were performed by both Mina and Celentano, so they must be added to one page to prevent duplicates, their names being cited as featured artists. And it's not only about preventing duplicates, but making the whole searching process easier as well: imagine people needing to look up in either Mina's or Adriano's pages while knowing both of them as a [famous] duo they would have to scroll past all the other songs and respectively , and in this case all the way down to the "Mina featuring" section in her page. That wouldn't make things easier. Not to mention that in the album most songs are performed by the duo.

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The album will be released on Friday. Some 18 years after their first album together, the two legends of Italian music have been reunited in a spirit of friendship. Pop music of a somewhat self-referential style is seen throughout, starting from the first single - 'Amami Amami', the end of which recalls 'Storia d'Amore'. The 11 previously unpublished songs - plus two that have been set aside for the time being but will be released in - bring together such well-known names as Andrea Mingardi 'E' l'Amore' and Toto Cutugno 'Ti Lascio Amore' , as well as new songwriters that reinterpret the meeting between the two: Mondo Marcio and Pietro Paletti, with a mixture between spaghetti western, reggae and salsa styles. The final song is a cover of 'Prisencolinensinainciusol'. A desire to joke around with their images transpires even with the cover, designed by Mauro Balletti.

Mina & Celentano

MinaCelentano - Eva (Video Ufficiale)


The first single "Amami amami" was released on October 21, Le migliori was the best-selling album in in Italy. In March , rumors began in the Italian press of another collaboration between Adriano Celentano and Mina following their successful album Mina Celentano. Celentano himself hinted at the possibility when he posted a message on his blog to congratulate Mina on her 75th birthday. At the time of the announcement, the album was scheduled to be released in the spring of The album's title comes from a quote by Celentano on his blog speaking of their collaboration, meaning " we are the best ones".


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