Red bull k3 2017

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See what it’s like to run 3,000m, vertically

red bull k3 2017

Overview. Distance: km. Vertical climb: 3,m. Highest point: 3,m. Race records: Martin Anthamatten 1h58'53” (); Laura Orgue 2h22'38” ().


It is not available in Europe , where the similar sized Kia Ceed is offered except for Russia and Ukraine, where the Cee'd and the Forte are both available. In some markets, such as Costa Rica, Australia and Brazil, the Forte is marketed as Kia Cerato replacing its predecessor of the same name. In Colombia and Singapore, the name Cerato Forte was used for the 2nd generation [1] while Naza Automotive Manufacturing of Malaysia has assembled the vehicle since , selling it there under the name Naza Forte. Kia has stated that the Forte was specifically designed to target younger buyers attracted to sharper auto designs. In Malaysia , the first generation Forte is assembled by the joint-venture company Naza -Kia and is called the "Naza Forte" and in Singapore , the first generation Forte was called the "Kia Cerato Forte". Both regions were offered with the 1. In Russia and Ukraine , the Cerato Forte is available as the Cee'd's notchback counterpart, with the coupe and sedan available together.

Europeans love vertical races—and the more up, the better. They happen throughout the year, with trail running shoes giving way to snowshoes, climbing skins and other forms of winter traction, as grassy alpine slopes turn white in the winter months. Since , the organization has been promoting running up to, and then through, the Alps. Now, its reach is worldwide. The race start, under an arch built in 8 BC. In the distance, two nuns walk to morning services.

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When you insert a Trace de Trail map on your website, you agree not to hide any element of the module links to Trail Trail or Trail Connect banner. Show the map. Red Bull K3 Novalesa IT. Points of Interest table.

Awa SkyRace Mt. What is that? Timmy is the new timing application for smartphone developed by MSO-Chrono. You want to compare your Sunday training with your friends, but also with the best runner of your region? You want to show people the new record you broke on your smartwatch?

Mountain Running. Written by Dom Granger 3 August Want to put your body through the ultimate endurance test? Try taking part in Red Bull K3. Running uphill is hard on its own, let alone doing it as fast as you possibly can, in a race — and for three vertical kilometres. Yes, you read right: the Red Bull K3 race may be only 9. Watch the video above to understand how steep that actually is!

Red Bull K3: the three-kilometer vertical race

Rocciamelone Red Bull K3

Red Bull K3 in Susa (Italy), 2 Aug 2014


Welcome to Italy. Now Go Up: Val di Susa’s Triple Vertical Kilometer





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  1. Red Bull K3 (). Muller Sport Organisation works in the timing of many races like; cycling, mountain bike, triathlon, marathons, sleigh.

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