Promozione lucana 2016 2017

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Eccellenza Basilicata

promozione lucana 2016 2017

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Distributed free of charge The Tourist Board has published the information in this booklet for information purposes only. The utmost care has been taken in checking the information provided in this booklet. Printing errors or involuntary omissions excluded. The Lucan Olympus Pollino is a giant from all points of view. On account of the massif after which it is named, it being the tallest in the region, the fact that it is Italy's largest national park, and because it being home to a true botanical rarity, the centuries-old Bosnian Pine. It is the tallest mountain in the Basilicata region.

Distributed free of charge The Tourist Board publishes the information listed herein for information purposes only. The utmost care has been taken in checking the information provided herein. Printing errors or involuntary omissions excluded. This is an aerial view of Vulture Melfese in the region's north eastern area, a chest of incredible, natural, and artistic treasures. Treasures that provide fairy-tale views of enchanted beech, turkey oak,. There are pretty lakes nestled in dense vegetation and among ancient volcanoes such as the dormant Mount Vulture m around which steep,.

Since the end of the Second World War, the Basilicata region has been a film location; more than forty full length movies have been shot in Basilicata. Most of them, from The Gospel According to St. The paper presents a project of film routes, developed by Basilicata Region, Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation, Gal Bradanica, and Osservatorio del Cineturismo aiming at make available the cinematic landscapes. Turri argues that landscape cannot be an entity in its own right; rather, it possesses an identity determined by human activity. Landscape is therefore a representation that results from an objective formulation of material reality and from the perceptual and subjective orientation of the eye. Films can tell stories that are linked to the identity of the area, intertwining the narrative with its socio-economic background, but they can also be completely detached from it.

Discesa San Gerardo, Potenza Tel. Nevertheless, the APT declines any responsibility for printing errors or unintentional omissions. Bordered by three national parks, the coast of Lucania which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea is an anthem to nature and its contrasts. The cliffs stand sheer over crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and delightful coves, while the surprises in store in the hinterland include glacial lakes and bijou hamlets. Names that provide an immediate idea of what Maratea is really like.

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