Katy perry brit awards 2017

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Katy Perry’s dancer falls off stage as she performs with Trump and May effigies - video

katy perry brit awards 2017

Katy Perry used her performance on stage at the Brit Awards last night to make a public dig at Donald Trump and Theresa May's friendship.

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The unfortunate dancer was dressed as a white house when they slipped and plunged into the crowd while the US singer showcased her new single Chained to the Rhythm. In the track, Perry sings: "Are we crazy? Living our lives through a lens, trapped in our white-picket fence, like ornaments, so comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble, so comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble. Demolition on stage for Katy Perry. Social media users questioned whether the background performer was "the left shark" from the year-old's Super Bowl performance in when a dancer dressed as a shark became out of sync. Another joked it's "this year's Madonna" in reference to the star's BRITs performance when she took a tumble down a set of stairs - which she later blamed on the cape she had been wearing.

One of her backup dancers for her performance of new single 'Chained to the Rhythm' took a tumble - and delighted the internet. The human species is terribly cruel and heartless, yet no amount of guilt is going to stop us from laughing at people falling over. Especially when that brutal comedy is made all the more irresistible when said person is dressed like a giant glowing house, bopping along as Katy Perry performs her newest single 'Chained to the Rhythm' at the Brit Awards, before abruptly walking straight off the end of the stage and into the crowd. Yes, the new Left Shark has arrived. And it's more beautiful and tragic and wonderful as ever.

Last night saw the 37th edition of the Brit Awards , held this year at the 02 Arena in London. While performing her new song, Chained to the Rhythm , live on stage with Skip Marley, Katy turned her performance into a political allegory, dancing in front of a white house structure, with two large Donald Trump and Theresa May skeleton effigies. The skeletons were obviously dressed as the US President and British Prime Minister, wearing the same iconic outfits that the two leaders wore on their first meeting last month in Washington, when they famously held hands as they walked down the White House steps. Although Katy, a dedicated supporter of Hillary Clinton , has avoided saying anything political about her performance, fans have taken it upon themselves to decipher the meaning behind it. The performance ended with the two skeletons holding their heads in their hands at opposite ends of the stage, with the two singers holding hands in the middle and Katy turning to the camera at the end and pointedly shaking her head. Others, however, are seeing the performance as a call to arms, especially when looking at the political connotations of the lyrics:.

Katy Perry's BRIT Awards Performance Involved Dancing Skeletons With Some Serious Subtext

From the topic Music. Katy Perry was joined on stage at the Brit awards by two giant puppet skeletons - and you're not alone if you thought they looked familiar., Katy hit the stage on Wednesday night 22 February surrounded by an array of dancers, all of whom were dressed as houses, following her performance at the Grammys earlier this month, which had a similar theme. In addition the houses surrounding her, Katy was joined on stage by two giant skeletons in business attire, who quickly drew comparisons to Theresa May and Donald Trump , particularly as they were first seen holding hands, in a pose similar to the two world leaders.




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