Tiziano ferro canzoni testi

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Universal prayer – Tiziano Ferro

tiziano ferro canzoni testi

Leggi il testo completo di Universal Prayer di Jamelia & Tiziano Ferro su islamaku.com .

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Testo della canzone Perdono (English Version) di TIZIANO FERRO Perdono eh Perdono Tutte le canzoni di TIZIANO FERRO ท Canzoni ท Tiziano Ferro.
rivedere il primo amore dopo tanti anni

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Ferro has released a Spanish version of each of his albums, and has also sung in English, Portuguese, and French. Known as the modern face of Italian pop music , he frequently writes songs for other artists and has produced albums for Giusy Ferreri , Alessandra Amoroso and Baby K. Aside from his success as an artist, Ferro is well known for his personal struggles. Having been overweight as a teenager, he has been outspoken about his battles with food addiction and eating disorders. In October , at the height of his fame, Ferro came out as gay , having himself struggled with depression related to self-acceptance about his homosexuality. Ferro is currently one of the best-selling artists in Italy. As of , Ferro has sold over 15 million records worldwide.

Tiziano Ferro

I think that the word "pinta" in this context means beer, as you have translated it. But also in english "a pint" can mean "a beer" and I would translate this sentence so: "Ah, I have many doubts, a pint and some friends., Credits Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics. Policy uso immagini.

Testo Perdono (English Version) – TIZIANO FERRO




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  1. Universal Prayer testo canzone cantato da Tiziano Ferro: Woah, woah Yeah Testo Universal Prayer. Woah leggi i testi delle canzoni che stai ascoltando.

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