John deacon bass guitar

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Bass Legends: Queen's John Deacon

john deacon bass guitar

What kind of Bass Guitars does John Deacon use? John Deacon used this guitar during Queen tours since more.

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John Deacon used this guitar during Queen tours since This image shows John playing a Stingray bass on stage. Deacon can be seen in this photo with a natural finish Fender Jazz Bass. This picture show John Deacon playing his Rickenbacker. He used the bass for He used the bass for his audition for Queen, the very first concerts and the recording sessions at De Lane Lea in

John Richard Deacon born 19 August is an English retired musician, best known for being the bass guitarist for the rock band Queen. Deacon grew up in Oadby , Leicestershire , playing bass in a local band, The Opposition, before moving to study electronics at Chelsea College , London. He joined Queen in on the strength of his musical and electronic skills, particularly the home-made Deacy Amp which guitarist Brian May used to create guitar orchestras throughout Queen's career. From the third album, Sheer Heart Attack , onwards, he wrote at least one song per album, several of which became hits. As well as bass, Deacon played some guitar and keyboards on Queen's studio work. After the death of lead singer Freddie Mercury in and the following year's Tribute Concert , Deacon performed only sporadically with the remaining members of Queen before retiring from the music industry in after recording " No-One but You Only the Good Die Young ".

While Deacon had the least interest in the spotlight of any member of Queen, his contributions to the iconic band's catalog — writing or co-writing songs like "Another One Bites the Dust," "Under Pressure" and "You're My Best Friend" — are anything but tertiary. Deacon retired from public life following Freddie Mercury 's death in , and since Steve Perry re-emerged this summer , Deacon can safely claim the title of the hardest-retiring man in show business. While Queen guitarist Brian May and Roger Taylor have been intent on keeping the band's legacy alive in concert and on record, Deacon has apparently been content living a simple life in the same house in Putney, England, that he bought with his first royalty check over 40 years ago. Deacon and his wife used to frequent a local pub a few times a week, but they have been seen less often since the bar was turned into a grocery store, reports the Daily Mail. When fans drop by the house hoping to get an audience with the legend, his wife often tells them she 'doesn't know where he is' or even that he 'doesn't live here anymore. The bassist was recently photographed in south London, just a few miles from where May and Taylor celebrated the long-awaited premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody , the biopic for their late-front man Mercury. According Queen's publicist, Phil Symes, Deacon is "just living a private life," and wants nothing to do with fame, opting for afternoon tea, golf and family instead of rocking stadiums around the world with his hits.

Without exception, the one name that crops up time and again is John Deacon of Queen. More significantly for our purposes, Deacon took the decision to call time on his own musical endeavours following the recording of No-One But You Only The Good Die Young , a single on which guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor shared the lead vocals. Is that going to stop us celebrating his career and recorded output as a quarter of the ultimate rock band? Take a guess Born in Leicestershire in , John Deacon began his career in as a guitar player for the Opposition, before switching to bass in when a new rhythm guitarist was recruited.

Freddie Mercury's recent would be 65th birthday cannot fail to bring Queen's bassist John Deacon to mind. Deacon is not only the first in our series of Bass Legend profiles to coincide with Bass Week on MusicRadar , but also the only player to have two entries in our greatest basslines of all time poll. Since the demise of the band following Freddie's tragic death Deacon went to ground, avoiding anything to do with Queen thereafter with the exception of the Freddie Mercury Tribute gig at Wembley Stadium in , but even for that he wasn't involved in the rehearsals! After many failed attempts to interview him over the years we tried the sneaky approach and asked Brian May if he could possibly pull a few strings for us? He laughed, "He won't talk to me so why the fuck would he talk to you? But gone is not forgotten.

Why Queen's John Deacon is a true bass hero

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