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Pocket money, working hours and contract for au pairs in the Netherlands

au pair cos è


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This guide covers the range of daycare options in Germany: nursery, daycare, preschool, after-school childcare, child-minders and au pairs. Organising childcare can be nerve racking at the best of times but expats face additional challenges, such as language barriers. Typically, care for ages up to three years old will be with child minders, a nanny or other in-home care, or in a private nursery. Since legalisation in , children aged from 12 months have a legal right to a childcare place, which will be partly subsidised by the state. Children age three to six are also entitled a place in preschool and some after-school clubs. Subsidies are often available for low-income families. This varies from region to region, and is typically worked out on a sliding scale depending on the number of hours of care required and the total family income.

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Pocket money, working hours and contract for au pairs in the Netherlands. Find out the details of how au pairs and families work together in the Netherlands. How much pocket money does an au pair receive?.
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In most countries, au pairs do not have the status of a normal employee as au pairing is a programme of cultural exchange. For this reason, au pairs do not typically receive a salary in the classic sense, but rather pocket money from their host family. The amount of pocket money depends on the host country and also to some extent on the number of working hours. These may include expenses for visas or medical checks, for example. Furthermore, the au pair pays the travel costs to come to the host country.

Pocket money, working hours, contract for au pairs in Germany

The au pair and host family should clarify their expectations for the au pair stay in advance and sign a contract that includes the important conditions of the stay such as duties and working hours. The au pair contract remains valid for the entire duration of the au pair stay. This allows both the au pair and the host family to find a replacement and organise the return trip.

Au Pair: About being an international nanny


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  1. Costs of the au pair stay. Premium Membership is nonetheless necessary for host families to establish personal contact with au pairs. The host family must supply the au pair with meals and should also expect an increase in the cost of household bills (water, electricity, etc.).

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