Ferragosto a napoli 2017

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ferragosto a napoli 2017

Festa ferragosto. Tammorra Lungomare a Napoli 2017

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Sicily is the destination of your summer vacation in You have planned everything. Because you have not yet decided how to spend the most important day of summer in Italy: of course, we are talking about Ferragosto. We can give you some idea. Three, to be precise. Ideas that have one thing in common: in one day, visit one of the most beautiful cities of the whole island. The first idea to spend Ferragosto in Sicily could only be the capital city.

It might be the coldest month of the year, but Naples heats things up with free concerts on Epiphany and neighbourhood bonfires in honour of an early-Christian hermit. On 6 January, Neapolitan children wake in the hope of finding gifts delivered by La Befana, a female version of Father Christmas. Free concerts and events are held at various locations, including Piazza del Plebiscito. Short and accursed is how Italians describe February. It might still be chilly, but almond trees start to blossom and Carnevale season brightens things up with confetti, costumes and sugar-dusted treats. In the period leading up to Ash Wednesday, Neapolitan children don fancy costumes while both young and old indulge in Carnevale treats like chiacchiere crispy, fried pastry dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. The weather in marzo pazzo Crazy March is capricious: sunny, rainy and windy all at once.

In passato tutto il mese di Agosto era considerato periodo di vacanza e pausa dal lavoro. In Costiera Amalfitana , noi lo celebriamo a mare. Dopo la celebrazione il centro del paese si affolla; inizia la festa con danze tipiche popolari e piatti tradizionali come le melenzane al cioccolato. Tutto deve essere pronto per mezzanotte, quando le barche e lussuosi Yachts ancorano non lontano dalla costa per assistere allo spettacolo. Le tappe al Fiordo di Furore e alle Isole dei Galli non mancano mai. In base alle condizioni del mare, e se ne abbiamo voglia, organizziamo qualche ora di kitesurf, wakeboard, windsurf, insomma tra relax e divertimento di sicuro non ci annoiamo!

Spending Ferragosto 2017 in Sicily: there are 3 cities to visit



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