Kings day amsterdam 2017

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6 Things you should know about King’s Day in the Netherlands

kings day amsterdam 2017

On King's Day, April 27, , all of Amsterdam (indeed, all of Holland) turns into Folks, it's King's Day — not Kings Day or Kingsday, just as we never had a.


One of the holidays Holland is best known for. But wait — where do you go? We know there will be something happening everywhere in the country, but do you want to know what are the events that should be on your radar? We have done you one better and put together events for all the big cities in the Netherlands! Or are you still into flocking to the bigger cities in the Netherlands? No judgement here, because it can be pretty awesome there! We got one for Amsterdam , The Hague , and Rotterdam!

Kingsland Festival Amsterdam is an annual electronic celebration for King's Day, the Netherland's most famous bank holiday of the year.
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Save the date: 27 April. Thousands of boats with partying people fill the canals. In the best orange party in Amsterdam will be held on Thursday, 27 April Live music, DJs, dance parties and a citywide flea market. During this day everyone in the Netherlands has the right to sell second-hand items, which makes it a perfect hunt for bargains. Furthermore there are many food stalls and all the cafes have counters outside where they sell beer and other drinks.

Kingsland Festival Amsterdam 2017

King’s Day 2020, Amsterdam: All-Day Citywide Street Party

NOTE: Now is the time to book your hotel. Visitors from all over the Netherlands, and increasingly from abroad book early to ensure rooms are available. Take it from us: If you like parties, make sure your visit to Amsterdam coincides with Monday, April 27, While the city is at its most festive when the sun is out and the weather is warm, overcast skies — with or without some light rain — have never been known to stop us from partying. Mind you, April weather in Holland is notoriously erratic. Joining the party in ? Many now come year after year, vying with the Dutch for hotel rooms.

King's Birthday is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Many people spontaneously sing "Het Wilhelmus". This is a poem written in and describes the life of William of Orange William the Silent and his fight for the Dutch people. It is written as if William of Orange is introducing himself to the Dutch people. They are entertained with displays and performances around local historic events. Royal family members generally join in with the games in a good natured way and greet thousands of people who turn out to see them.

The holiday was initially observed on 31 August as Prinsessedag or Princess's Day, the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina , then heir presumptive to the Dutch throne. On her accession in November the holiday acquired the name Koninginnedag , first celebrated on 31 August In September , Wilhelmina's daughter Juliana ascended to the throne and the holiday was moved to her birthday, 30 April. The holiday was celebrated on this date from Juliana's daughter, Beatrix, retained the celebration on 30 April after she ascended the throne in , though her birthday was on 31 January. In , the Queen was celebrating Queen's Day in the city of Apeldoorn when a man attempted to attack her by trying to ram the Royal family's bus with his car; instead he drove into a crowd of people and crashed into a monument: seven people in the crowd were killed, as was the driver. Queen Beatrix abdicated on Koninginnedag , and her son, Willem-Alexander, ascended the throne the first king since the observance of the national holiday.


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