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savio macchine tessili spa

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POLAR The Polar winder, extremely popular in all markets of the world, is absolutely the Savio bestseller in the traditional standard winding platform. This stateof-the-art machine has been designed keeping in mind the demands of our customers in terms of increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste and production of yarn package of top high quality. The thread guide electronic control allows to set winding parameters and improves design and formation of the package, optimizing all the downstream processes, thus allowing customers to obtain the best results. SIRIUS Twisting technology Sirius represents the Savio proposal in the field of traditional Two-for-one twisting, ensuring high structural standardization, a wide range of feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count. The electronic solutions simplify the operator intervention, allowing to obtain every possible combination of parameters in order to reach the best output working condition. China Tel.

Device for handling the yarn in service trolleys for open-end spinning frames. Patent number: Abstract: Device for generating and controlling a yarn reserve to be installed on service trolleys with open-end spinning frames, for reattachment and start-up interventions on the spinning unit, comprising a mouthpiece which sucks and generates in its interior a loop of reserve yarn, equipped, inside, with sensors for detecting the dimension of the loop of reserve yarn and consequently piloting the reattachment procedure and reconsignment of the bobbin to its standard functioning. Type: Grant. Filed: March 24,

SAVIO MACCHINE TESSILI SPA Savio is a company that for over years has played a leading role in the development of the Italian textile.
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Savio Macchine Tessili S. Since then there have been many achievements and today, in addition to the Italian plant, Savio Macchine Tessili has offices in China, India and the Czech Republic, for a total of employees. Given the need to create prototypes of some parts for new projects and the need for greater precision in the production of details, Savio initially turned to the 3DZ printing service. In this way we have had the opportunity to test the type of printer that best suits our needs. We still refer to 3D printing services for the production of large numbers.

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Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A Takes Over Mesdan S.p.A

History, heritage and high-tech skills for manufacturing the excellence of the future. By massively applying electronics, Savio develops the most modern and advanced winder ever seen before: the winding head is fully managed by an electronic CPU board, which controls all functions. Savio is handed over by ENI to a private group of investors and managers. In the hands of a motivated and resourceful management, Savio consolidated its position on the market; the first manufacturing joint ventures in China and India are set up, in order to have a privileged point of entry into what will become the main textile markets of the future. It proves to be very successful, thanks to its versatility, reliability, simplicity and operation economy. Savio decides to penetrate the spinning sector, by introducing in the market the thread-guided winder USr and some years later CSr, thus starting the competition with the world leading manufacturers.


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