Lg k8 2017 andrea galeazzi

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LG G6 Gamme

lg k8 2017 andrea galeazzi

ANTEPRIMA LG serie K 2017

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Despite this, the performance is rather smooth for light usage. The real metal frame complemented by gently curved 2. The phone is available in Aurora Black and Moroccan Blue color options. At just It is also fairly light at just grams. Users can even scroll down on it to bring down the notifications bar and check all active notifications.

The trade-off is its trimmed performance, a performance that makes the phone struggle hard in its price range. We will find out whether the phone is a recommendable purchase. And it's even more alluring with the loss of loss of Huawei and ZTE in the US, two very strong players in the unlocked market. It banks on looks that are similar to the flagship G6, at least on one side, and will be the perfect choice for someone who prioritizes that above all. During my time with the phone, I was constantly reminded that I was using a mid-range device with its lack of notification light and fingerprint sensor, its over-sharpening camera, its mediocre battery and easily scratchable plastic finish. Following our time reviewing the Q6, it sadly is not the case.

Avec son G6, LG s'illustre sur tous les points qui comptent. Avec ce G6, LG veut regagner la confiance des utilisateurs. The software is lightweight and easy to customise, the dual camera system offers a lot of versatility too thanks to its manual controls and the wide angle lens. With the G6, LG has a phone that I can see being much more successful. This is a real shame too because for the last few years LG has consistantly WOWed me with its flagships, its innovations and its attempts at doing things differently. Would I still give it such a high score today?

I pulsanti sono dietro. Insomma non benissimo nel complesso. Oleofobico e dall'angolo tipico degli ips. Buono ma non ottimo. E' il Mediatek con la mali T che fanno girare il telefono.

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Lg K8 la recensione

Model : A new addition to Q series. Just a little while ago LG released the Q6 model and after a very little while they are back with Q8. Yet, LG did it pretty quietly, since the Q8 is just a smaller version of the V Some websites also call it V20 or V20 Pro. Teh LG Q8 comes with 5. It has a metal body and has IP67 certification, which means it is water and dust proof.





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