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Il terremoto, un castigo divino per le unioni civili? Radio Maria smentisce

radio maria padre livio

WORLD FAMILY OF RADIO MARIA. Sede Operativa: Via Valassina, 40 - ERBA (CO) Tel.: +39 - Fax +39 Radio Maria e un.

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Nelle trasmissioni che ho avuto modo di ascoltare il nostro eroe ammoniva in maniera ossessionante gli ascoltatori o dovrei dire le anziane ascoltatrici? Successo enorme, internazionale. Se non che questi discorsi apocalittici si intrecciano con altri di taglio chiaramente politico, conditi di espressioni di chiara simpatia per il centro destra e anatemi lanciati ai comunisti. Noi siamo giovani e amiamo la vita e le Sacre scritture alle quali Padre Livio si attiene. Il comunismo sta rendendo molte persone che lo idolatrano tanto e lo difendono, solo per partito preso dei piccoli fantocci manipolati ad alti livelli. Ribadisco, non sono una vecchina, anche se ho pieno rispetto di tutte le nonnine che pregano per tutti noi, e credimi ne abbiamo bisogno. Probabilmente trattasi di un troll , non si spiegherebbe altrimenti una tale violenza verbale in un ascoltatore di Radio Maria.

In the following interview Vicka responds to Fr. Livio during a programme on Radio Maria at the start of the year Through the replies readers will be able to see in her an authentic witness of this time of grace, not to mention her profound spirituality and her continuous and intimate union with the Lord and Our Lady. Vicka: It is enough to be with her to mature. I did not expect to receive so much from Our Lady, however, it is true that I have done my part.

If you like this website, please let know others about it, so also they could know it exists and eventually benefit from it. Thank you for any such help, which might be more contributing then you would expect. Thank you also in general for all the good which you might decide to live and spread, such as e. May also this website would be useful for you in that. Mirjana's latest apparitions -- Mary's anxiety for those far from God.

Showing posts with label Radio Maria. Show all posts. The purges began in October Those purged were employees who had been critical of gestures, decisions and statements by Pope Francis, including long-term employees who had helped to shape the profile of the broadcaster. Here no one had voiced his criticism on Radio Maria but in other media. However, Don Livio wasn't concerned with such details.

Video: Radio Maria e Medjugorje Incontro di P Livio con Radio Maria Spagna

Offered below are excerpts of a recent catechetical radio broadcast in Italy by Padre Livio Fanzaga. His radio program is heard internationally on "Radio Mari a" through which he mainly seeks to acquaint ordinary Catholics with the Biblical and Church teachings necessary to evaluate various kinds of speculation about the end of the world, Lord, Please remember me in your kingdom -- The Lord spoke to Paul in a vision. Do not be afraid, keep on speaking, and do not be silent.

CASCIARI: Radio Maria e le unioni civili

The website opens with a map offering you a worldwide overview and immediate access with a single click to websites, to listening in streaming and to key information on each Radio Maria station present in every continent. Starting from the homepage the website wants to speak directly to the heart of image-based civilisation, more focusing on interactivity and the many photos and videos which will tell about life and expansion, programmes and projects of Radio Maria in the five continents. Dear friends, I wish you a happy surfing and a good month of Rosary and Mission, entrusting you to Mary and continuing to support spreading of Radio Maria worldwide! The new website of the World Family. Russia Serbia Serbia Hungarian lang. Slovakia Slovakia Hungarian lang. Spain Switzerland Ukraine.



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