How about i slap your shit parrot

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The Godfather of Brooklynís Feral Parrot Colony

how about i slap your shit parrot

Parrot: HOW BOUT I SLAP YOUR SHIT Me: HOW BOUT I SLAP YOUR FACE * slaps parrot's face*. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Loading.

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W hen the tour group first convenes, Steve Baldwin, equipped with a baseball cap and DSLR camera, hands out his cards before the group sets off, on the off chance someone gets separated. On the left-hand side of his card is a close-up shot of a small, bright green bird perched on a branch. His rapport with his audience is perhaps bolstered by his combined decades of experience performing as a musician and tour leader. He refuses to accept any form of payment for the tours, and emphasizes that his reasons for leading a small group of strangers around for an hour and a half once a month are more incorporeal. The tours meet at eleven a. After a failed attempt at extermination, they came upon a two-birds-one-stone solution: sell them as pets. The actual logistics of the incident are unknowable, as, according to Baldwin, an insurance claim was never filed, let alone a police report.

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The still shot originates from an unknown scene in "The World of David the Gnome," [1] an animation series exploring the world of gnomes in great details through the main character David. The origin of "How about I slap your shit" macro remains in veil but its earliest known instance dates to February , which first appeared on 4chan during the height of Epic Beard Man frenzy. Perhaps due to the arguable resemblance between David the Gnome and Thomas Bruso, some of the first Epic Beard Man image macros featured David with captions like "I'm a motherfucker" and "I'll slap your shit. Throughout the first half of , the image macro and the phrase became increasingly visible across 4chan and subsequently spread across other online communities, most notably on DeviantART [2] where users began drawing derivative images based on the template. David the Gnome instance has been reblogged by various internet humor blogs such as Cheezburger [3] and FunnyJunk [4]. The image macro gained much of its popularity through usage on 4chan [7] [8] and other similar forums, typically in response to another member's idiocy or ramblings. There are dozens of derivatives based on the original template, featuring David as other recognizable characters, mostly related to videogames.


Goodnight, sweet prince.




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How about I slap your shit 10+ Minute version.


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