Croce di marone guglielmo

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Monte Guglielmo, trekking and mountain biking

croce di marone guglielmo

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Monte Guglielmo is one of the most popular mountains in the whole prov- ince of Brescia all year round, for the variety of routes and the open views it offers. You can reach its top by hiking and also by mountain biking. The most popular bike route is the one which follows the road starting from Croce di Marone, a place that can be reached through the provincial road which connects Marone to Zone along Valle di Gasso. In the first section, on the opposite side of the valley you can admire the rocky Corni Stretti mountain, while the sus- pended carts to Marone leave from the nearby Calarusso quarry. The ride is quite hard not only because of the incline, but also for some uneven sections of the road.

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The mountain straddles the ridge dividing the mid Val Trompia from the basin of Lago d'Iseo and it's the highest summit amongst the peaks located around this lake. The mountain has two summits, Dosso Pedalta m , the highest one, and a little further to the South Cima Castel Bertino m. Leaning towards different directions and valley, Monte Guglielmo is a particularly complex summit and can be reached from many different starting points. It's very popular and frequently climbed from its different sides. Often snow-covered until very late spring, the large outline of Monte Guglielmo is well visible from the Po valley, towering over the surrounding mountains whose summits reach far lower altitudes. There are different routes - starting from various localities - to summit Monte Guglielmo, anyhow the nearest town to approach the mountain from anywhere you choose to climb up is Brescia.

Escursione al Monte Guglielmo

Distance : 58 Km round trip Duration : h Grade : strenuous Right type of bike : mountain bike. Are you interested in this itinerary? This track, which requires good training, starts from Marone , where you can park your car near the Town Hall.


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