Apertura cascate del serio 2017

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apertura cascate del serio 2017

It's the Serio Waterfalls, Italy's highest and Europe's second highest ones. The From November 22, at December 04, Posta al Castello.


Beside these 5 dates the flow of the river Serio is highly reduced. The scenery is beautiful and a visiting the valley is also a good idea. With any luck the waterfall is visible with a low flow rate. Just follow the road until you are in Bondione where there are parking directions for the waterfall. I think you have to pay a parking fee here.

Cascate del Serio (in English the Serio waterfalls) is one of the tallest waterfalls in Italy with a total drop of meter. Unfortunately Cascate del Serio is a.
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The mountains of Bergamo hide some amazing treasures and beauties, such as the Serio River Waterfalls. This km long river creates one of the two main valleys of our province: the Seriana Valley. In a dam interrupted the river flow in order to generate electric power. However, it has been opened five times a year during the summertime, for the past 50 years. Come enjoy the power of nature unleashed: 10 thousands cubic meters or roaring water diving to towards the valley and breaking on the rocks. Thousands of people come together to the meadows to attend this rare and enchanting show every year!

Serio, Cascata del

An exciting trekking to the Serio Falls not to be missed during the 5 spectacular annual openings. The walk has an almost regular slope up to the jump of the Serio Falls.




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