American pie funny scenes

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15 Greatest American Pie Moments

american pie funny scenes

The Moment: American Pie: The Wedding might be the weak link in the series, The Moment: In a moment of sublime physical comedy, Jim.

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Contact us at editors time. We used to think that there were so many pie scenes in movies because the dessert is so evocative: home and hearth, family holidays, and late-night comfort — even at a lonely roadside diner. To prepare for the scene, Labor Day novelist Joyce Maynard who put her family recipe into the book and former Martha Stewart food stylist Susan Spungen came to the set as consultants, and Brolin baked countless pies as rehearsal. Of course, the flip side of baking a pie is destroying it — especially in the movies. If movie pies mean love and warmth, they also mean gluttony and humiliation. The most notorious pie scene ever comes in this teen sex comedy that raised the bar or lowered it, maybe for gross-outs and embarrassment for the sake of laughs. This holds true repeatedly for the virginal Jim Jason Biggs.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Does a vagina really feel like warm apple pie, Oz? Does it? That, and perhaps one of the most iconic motifs of '90s teen movies.

American Pie came out in , when I was 13 years old. In other words, I was the exact right age for it. Watching American Pie made me feel incredibly cool and grown up. It was one of my favourite movies. Until now, I had not revisited it as an adult.

I Rewatched "American Pie" As An Adult And Laughed A Bit And Cringed A Lot

‘American Pie’ star Shannon Elizabeth says this scene wouldn't have made it after #MeToo

The Moment: Steve Stifler makes his presence felt in the opening film in the series, inviting Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin to his graduation party in the most dickish way possible. I'll look for you in the 'no fucking' section. The Moment: With Michelle in the bath and his laptop handy, Jim treats himself to a spot of "self loving" before being disturbed midway through by his young son. Flushed with embarrassment, Jim beats a hasty retreat to the bathroom, only to find Michelle up to the same thing with the shower head. Will these people never learn to lock the door? Best Line: Jim, to his bemused son "You're opening doors now? The Moment: American Pie: The Wedding might be the weak link in the series, but it can still boast a couple of great set-pieces, including the sequence in which Jim inadvertently brings Michelle's parents into the midst of his surprise bachelor party.

Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. American Pie 2 Hide Spoilers. MovieAddict 31 August I'll be first to admit that I hate teen comedies in general and typically frown upon most of them - I didn't even like "There's Something About Mary" too much, although I'm not sure it's really a "teen" film.



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