Best linkedin groups for job seekers

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10 Great Job Search Groups on LinkedIn

best linkedin groups for job seekers

Job Search Tips: Maximizing LinkedIn Groups (Entry Level and Experienced)

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Last month I wrote a post about using LinkedIn to find a new job. I wanted to dig a little deeper, and in this article I wanted to introduce the top 10 groups to join if you are looking for a job. Most people know what LinkedIn is all about, but not everyone is familiar with groups. There are thousands of groups that you can join once you are a member of LinkedIn. Most of these groups are centered around professions, interests and colleges.

By keeping a high profile, you will be noticed and contacted sooner rather than later. You keep a high profile by being active, joining groups and getting involved in discussions. Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn allows you to extend your personal brand and also reach out to more people as you can contact any group member directly. Groups are useful for news postings, discussion boards, updates in general, networking, questions and answers and so forth. So what groups should a job seeker join? Well, recruiters trawl a lot of groups but as a rule of thumb you want to go for the big and established ones. The title says it all, claims to be fastest growing, and the most productive group in the career and recruitment segment.

Career Potential Career Coach Philadelphia. One feature you job seekers may not know about or have fully explored is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are free to join, and you can choose to join up to 50 groups from a list of thousands of user-created groups for literally just about anything. Not only do these groups provide you access to connect with and contact fellow group members who could become future partners, employees, investors, customers etc. Last year, I published a list of the top 20 LinkedIn groups for job seekers which became a very popular resource on Career Rocketeer. About the Author: Ford R.

As a job seeker, you know how important it is to stay social. But you may be missing out on one of the most important factors in a successful job search: working together. Job search groups on LinkedIn can help you band together. Here are our picks for 10 great job search groups on LinkedIn. Jobs 2. Discover what employers are really looking for when they ask about your weaknesses, and strengthen your personal brand too. Being a military spouse comes with its own trials and tribulations, especially when it comes to finding and keeping a job.

January 23, By Katherine Burik 2 Comments. And I heard from someone with a connection to someone on the Inside of LinkedIn that groups are going to soon undergo a new change! You will want to be using this social media channel more and more! This article will explain five way ways to use LinkedIn to help you find that job or new career. This network is the biggest one in the world for professionals in all industries. It is a must-use tool in your job search plan. It is best to build a mix of them so that you have a well rounded network — the same as you do with people in real life.


5 Ways to use LinkedIn Groups for Job Search Success

Top 25 LinkedIn Job Seeker Groups:



5 Ways To Make Jobs Come To You With LinkedIn


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