Quotidiano il tirreno viareggio

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quotidiano il tirreno viareggio

l'interventoE l'ex presidente dell'Esperia Viareggio Stefano Dinelli uno dei piu rammaricati per la chiusura dello stadio dei Pini da parte della.


However, it will not be a mere shade of spring like in the recent past, when the competition was scheduled in January and February beside the joyful Carnival parades of floats. For the second year in a row, the Viareggio Cup world football tournament occupies the second half of March. Centro Giovani Calciatori CGC , the local sports club that has organised the competition since , have been obligated to postpone the tournament kickoff. The agenda of Serie A academies has become so packed with official matches and friendlies that CGC have decided to stage the Viareggio Cup when the Campionato Primavera U championship breaks off for a fortnight due to European Under Championship elite qualification. The UEFA Youth League has kept English, German and Spanish major clubs away from this seaside resort in Tuscany, but it cannot provide the opportunity for European fledgling footballers to measure themselves against their South American peers. Three teams from Argentina, one from Brazil and another one from Colombia are expected to challenge the most prestigious Italian sides in the upcoming edition. Amazing stories about a couple of renowned strikers still echo from Latin America itself, where they were born before flying to Viareggio and making into professional football thanks to the exposure given by the competition.

Questo sito deve essere d'aiuto a tutte le persone che mi contattano per svariate ragioni. Per questo motivo ho diviso il sito in diverse zone con criteri mi auguro abbastanza pratici. Informatica, programmazione e lavoro. Riflessioni filosofiche e metafisiche. Miscellanea di cose varie ed eventuali. Per questo motivo ho tolto l'indicazione esplicita del mio indirizzo email.

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Maestro cambia sesso il video prima dell'operazione, fonte il Tirreno

The Viareggio derailment was the derailment of a freight train and subsequent fire which occurred on 29 June in a railway station in Viareggio , Lucca , a city in Central Italy 's Tuscany region. Thirty-two people were killed, [2] [3] and a further twenty-six were injured [1]. Freight train No. The wagon hit the platform of the station and overturned to the left. The next four wagons also overturned and the two following were derailed but remained upright. The last seven wagons were not derailed, remaining intact on the track.

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