Michael jordan vs lebron james

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Scottie Pippen on Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate: 'It's not a fair comparison'

michael jordan vs lebron james

Yes, you bet we're going to wade into the Twitter-infested waters of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James for the official title of best basketball player of all-time.

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James has earned this championship, and he clearly deserves all the credit people give him. But I do have one issue with this new championship. I know James is better than Jordan at age He has accomplished more in the NBA at age 27 than Jordan at the same age. James has played 9 seasons thus far. Also, Jordan missed 64 games in his second season because he was injured. James never played fewer than 70 games in a season until this year, when teams played a shortened game season.

Whether you grew up in the Jordan era, LeBron era, or both, people just love to make the comparison. With James putting up more crazy numbers this postseason—nearly averaging a triple double, it seems like after every game of his the topic comes up. Michael Jordan played in an era where the game was different. It was being refereed different than what LeBron is playing in. LeBron plays a different role than what Michael played as a player. In all fairness to Michael, he was never asked to do things that LeBron [does] for his team. He had a lesser role.

Star Comparison LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. Who scored more points in his career? Who averaged more points in playoffs? Who won more championships? Who led the season more times?

On Tuesday night, LeBron James hit the court for his 1,nd regular-season game.
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Compare the numbers, accolades and achievements of two of the game's greatest players then cast your vote for who's best. See the NBA's best plays and stay up to date with the latest news. Different eras, different circumstances and different rules make it impossible to produce a definitive answer when it comes to separating LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Both men dominated the NBA in their respective primes yet did so in contrasting styles - Jordan the relentless scorer with the maniacal competitive streak, James the heady playmaker who packs a scoring punch. Every NBA fan has their pick when asked which of the iconic duo is best.

Supporters of Jordan pointed to Jordan's six championships, his undefeated record in the NBA Finals, and his overall influence in taking the NBA's popularity to a new level as reasons why he's the best. Fans of James point to his longevity, his eight consecutive NBA Finals appearances, of which he won three, and his overall brilliance on the floor beyond scoring. James is also still at his peak and passing Jordan in several statistical achievements. We asked respondents a few questions. First, we asked how often they watched the NBA, and then we asked who they believed to be the greatest player of all time based on their knowledge of the game. Of those 1, respondents, volunteered a basketball player as the GOAT, and we sorted through the responses to clean and consolidate the responses to find out a winner. Only

Powell2daPeople Archive. LeBron James has always had an immense respect for his idol, Michael Jordan. It is never really settled. After making a fuss, the topic just sits there alone, like cold soup, ready to be reheated whenever people need a reason to get riled up. Everyone brings their own prejudices and preferences into the mix, trying to make a compelling case, frantically tossing in and out more numbers than a deadline-stressed accountant on April 14, pumping up their guy in order to put down the other guy. God created sports bars and water coolers and Skip Bayless for this very reason, to bring the mother of all basketball arguments to the forefront and mash it and mash it and mash it again into a paste without really coming up with a definitive conclusion.

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Editor's note: This story was originally published on Feb. Stop us if you've heard this before: Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Six championships. Count 'em. The King is simply bigger and stronger, and he has done it longer. The two never faced off in an NBA game.

LeBron James for the official title of best basketball player of all-time. Prepare your snark weapons. Ground rule No. People like to wield stats like swords, but when it comes to Jordan-James statistics, they duel back and forth, like Inigo and the Man in Black. Jordan scores more. James rebounds and passes better.

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