Best asus gaming laptop 2017

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The Best Gaming Laptops for 2019

best asus gaming laptop 2017

By Andrew E. Freedman | December 17, pm. MORE. Asus' What are the best Asus gaming laptops in each series? Asus ROG Strix GL

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The best gaming laptop for you depends in large part on your needs, and what role you want your machine to play. Are you looking for the best laptop to carry to the cafe or on your commute with you? Something that you can take between the office and home every day, that will fit snugly into a light bag? You probably want one of the near-ultrabook style, super thin laptops and by extention, lightest laptops on our list, likely a machine with a Max-Q GPU that's still capable of delivering impressive performance but in a slender form factor. On the opposite end of the spectrum maybe you're looking for the best gaming laptop to replace your desktop. The fastest laptops are also sometimes the bulkiest, including machines now that are packing full size desktop components. This new "musclebook" class is designed not to supplement but to fully replace the best gaming PCs , and while the portability factor is definitely constrained, they deliver power on part with full size towers often with inflated price tags to match their inflated performance.

Is it time to upgrade to a new gaming laptop for the holiday season? Here are 9 , 87%, 08/, MSI GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro · Intel Core.
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In this article I've listed 18 traditional ASUS laptop models, that will suite almost all consumer verticals, starting cheaper editions affordable for students, ending very powerful laptops designed for gamers. In case you are looking which Chromebook to choose here are two models form ASUS you might consider:. For actual prices please refer on product page on Amazon. ASUS ZenBook is lighter, slimmer and faster than our notebooks in its class to give you the unmatched power and all-day portability you need to conquer your day. With a brand new redesigned metallic chassis, ZX53VW is as stylish as it is powerful. List price: Buy this laptop on Amazon.

18 Top Best Selling Asus Laptops in 2017

Defeat your opponents on the go. Is it time to upgrade to a new gaming laptop for the holiday season? - From the last two decades, we have noticed a dramatic improvements and domination in PC gaming which constantly is increasing by every passing day. But now as the technology is rapidly upgrading, laptop hardware are more improved than ever before and there is no more of a wide difference between the performances of gaming laptops and gaming PCs.

The 10 Best Gaming Laptops for Late 2017

All numbers in the text are updated to reflect pricing at the time of writing. Along with our quarterly laptop guide , near the end of every year we also like to take a look at the state of the gaming laptop market. With a much more cyclical upgrade cycle, gaming laptops tend to evolve in lockstep with the major components inside them. For the gaming laptop market, this includes not only more powerful CPUs, but also more unique for a laptop components like discrete video cards, mechanical keyboards, and perhaps an IPS panel or high-refresh TN display. All of which come together to make a breed of laptop that is very different from the kinds of machines that define the mainstream and professional markets. On the AMD side, mobile Vega was not dead, as some feared, but is currently only available in the latest MacBook Pro, and not yet in gaming laptops.

The best gaming laptops can run the best PC games at the highest resolutions and frame rates. We put together a list of the best gaming laptops on the market today — from compact ones that tout a lot of juice to beastly desktop replacements that demand attention from anyone that walks in the room — for your consideration.


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  1. Let's check what is new among the best ASUS ROG gaming laptops available in If you like VR ready laptops and extreme processing.

  2. Let's begin our list with MSI GS63 Stealth Pro 4K gaming laptop which is a newest arrival of with 7th Generation of Intel Core i7.

  3. Play some of the best PC games on the move and very discreetly with the MSI GS65 Stealth, which might just be the gaming laptop of your.

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