Torta di riso di carrara

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‘Torta di Riso’ rice cake

torta di riso di carrara

Torta di Riso di Nonna Gio - Grandi Nonne

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Eastern is getting closer and in the area where I live people are already baking the traditional Eastern pies and cakes. During the ten years I have been living in this area I ate many versions of torta di riso , also because even if it is an Eastern recipe , it is prepared all year long. Boil rice for about 7 minutes, so you cook it al dente. Drain the cooked rice and let it cool down. As soon as the caramel is ready, pour it over the base of the baking pan and cover it all. For the custard: heat up the milk without boiling it.

Wine and food are the best memories of a place. This is true all over Italy, but even truer in Carrara where the marble industry influenced uses, customs and traditions throughout many centuries.
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Tuscany Surroundings. Approximately 10 km from the Campground, Carrara is situated in the Tuscan heights with approximately 60, inhabitants, and it is considered the world capital of Marble extraction; the white marbles of Carrara are absolutely the most prestigious in the world. The first settlements date back to the 9th Century B. Among the wines you can savour the Vermentini wines of the nearby Luni Hills. During Medieval Times the city was under complete Byzantine and Longobardian possession, after which it was under the possession of the Bishops of Luni, and a state-city in the early 13th Century; in it was once again unde the possession of the Bishops and as of it belonged, respectively, to the Republic of Pisa, of Lucca, of Florence and finally it fell under the possession of the Bishops of Milan; upon the death of Filippo Maria Visconti di Milano , disputed between the Lords of Sarzana and of Malaspina, it was passed on to the latter who united it to the Massa estate, giving life to the Massa Carrara Duchy; then it was passed on to the Duchy of Modena and Reggio, and after the of Napoleonic domination ended it was returned.

And if you look at it from Sarzana — that is between the two cities —? No doubt it is a stupid cake. The torta scema — stupid cake is a specialty of Sarzana and is one of those flavors — closely linked to my homeland — that I carry with me since childhood. My grandmother would go crazy for it and buy it every time we passed by Sarzana and — even today — I can not find it anywhere else than there. I have no certainty about the origin of the name, but there are two possible explanations. For assonance, therefore, a silly cake is a cake with a little salt.

Torta di riso dolce - Picture of Ometto, Carrara

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Half-pudding, half-cake, Torta di Riso alla Carrarina is a typical dessert from Carrara that reminds of a creme brulee and is just as tasty.
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  1. Torta di riso from Massa is a Tuscan traditional dessert made for Eastern, Massa and Carrara, which both claim the paternity of this dessert.

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